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best designer bags for women

The Best Designer Bags for Women: A Guide to Timeless Style

The Best Designer Bags for Women: A Guide to Timeless Style

Designer bags are all the rage right now. They are definitely a splurge but this popular accessory has become a sought after investment piece in the last few years. The hefty price of a luxury purchase can sit heavy on your pockets, but people have started realising its benefits in the long haul. If you’ve been playing around with the idea of making a luxury purchase, keep on reading to find out why a designer bag is the right investment to indulge in.

Splurging on a luxury purchase can be intimidating, however, it comes with its perks and has the power to transform your wardrobe dramatically. Designer Bags from high-quality brands are a great investment, since they are built to last, they elevate the style and cost of your outfit, and often hold their value. A distinctive couture piece like these can add character to your clothing assortment and make a significant fashion statement. Moreover, it makes setting the tone for the rest of the outfit much easier.

A designer bag that uses premium materials consistently improves the appearance of a garment and gives you the boost to carry yourself with confidence and grace. Moreover, owning a unique piece that is specially designed with meticulous craftsmanship, using the best of materials, is something that has a strong impact on yourself and those around you.

Designer bags are not only good investments, they are also a great return on investment, especially if your item is rare or unavailable. You may always sell your bag online if you become tired of it or feel you aren’t getting the most out of it anymore.

A List of The Best Designer Bags

Choosing the right designer bag for you can be quite an important yet difficult decision to make. We’ve thoughtfully curated a list of our top suggestions for designer bags that will undoubtedly up your style quotient.

Gold Rush Crystal Furbie

The Gold Rush crystal furbie deserves icon status and is a must have designer purchase. What makes this bag so opulent is its brilliant knotted top handle and the addition of a rhinestone-encrusted base, which glitters and sparkles under the light. The furbie which comes in different sizes and a silver finish as well,  boasts the signature OH monogram alongwith with a vegan leather structure to guarantee this bag has the perfect finish.

The Midi Crystal Furbie

This particular designer bag might give you a tough time in deciding whether you want to wear it or frame it, since it’s nothing short of art. An elusive piece of fashion, the silver crystal furbie is a spotlight stealer all year around. Don’t be surprised to see all your favourite celebrities sporting one, since it's a headline maker on its own.

Pico Minaudiere Couture Bag

This particular couture bag makes for an opulent fashion statement. Its charming silhouette makes for the perfect accessory on a night out with your girls or an extravagant festive celebration. Embellished with pearls and the iconic OH monogram, this couture bag is sure to make heads turn.

Eclipse Bag in Denim Blue

This designer eclipse bag has a beautiful crescent shape that blends modernity with the couture spirit. This vegan leather shoulder bag comes in a number of different hues and is not only multifunctional but also versatile. Moreover, it makes for the perfect transitional bag from day to night no matter what the occasion.

OH V Furbie Bag- Fuchsia Pop

The original Furbie is an ionic nano bag and is a status symbol in itself. It is quite the attention-grabber owing to its incredible combination of exotic leather and vibrant hue. A beautiful fuschia like this one can add a stunning pop of colour to elevate your look.

The Grau Mini Disco Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are all the rage now and this striking Grau Mini Disco is the perfect millennial accessory to complement your outfits. Its detachable belt allows you to be flexible with its styling since you can sport the bag from a cross-body, around the waist, or as a clutch.

Dopamine Messenger Bag in Ocean Blue

This designer messenger bag is definitely not for wallflowers, they’re designed to make a statement. Everything about this handcrafted vegan leather bag screams fresh, fun and exciting. Moreover, its detachable strap and independent compartments add to its versatility making it a travel-friendly must have.

OH Poppi Bucket Bag in Fern Green

The OH Poppi is a popular favourite. This bucket bag manages to capture a contemporary style making it a standout piece, especially popular for the festive season since it comes in a plethora of eye pleasing colours.

The OH V Birdy Airpods Case - Noir Black

This vegan leather airpod case in minimalist black makes for the most luxurious of finishes and is becoming increasingly popular among millennials. Despite its mini size, it's quite versatile owing to its detachable chain and belt that can be adjusted as desired.

DNA Maxi Eclipse Bag in Medallion Yellow

If you are looking for something a little larger, then this incredible maxi eclipse bag is undisputedly a stand out piece. An absolute vision covered in the iconic OH monogram, its sleek structure and timeless appeal make it the perfect designer bag to pack for weekends away.

How to Choose the Right Designer Bag for Your Lifestyle?

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a designer bag for yourself are the price, the role of the bag, its colour, size, silhouette, durability, etc. Ask yourself, does it suit your style and personality, is it an everyday bag or for special occasions, is it comfortable, does it match your design aesthetic?

Final Thought

Now that you know about the importance of investing in a designer bag and the perks and benefits that arise with it, you can fearlessly make that purchase without any regrets. Outhouse’s vast selection of designer bags gives you a plethora of versatile options to choose from, each one distinctive from the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a designer bag?

Investing in a designer bag can amp up your style quotient and make you a confident fashionista. Moreover, a good designer handbag is built to last, so you get your money’s worth in terms of both exemplary design and outstanding quality. Apart from it being a significant status symbol and style statement, designer bags also have excellent resale value.

What should I consider when choosing a designer bag?

When choosing a designer bag, it is important to keep in mind the price, its utility and the purpose it's serving you. It makes for an easier purchase if the bag matches your tastes, preferences and most importantly your personality. Apart from this, the bag’s design aesthetic, style quotient, size, silhouette etc also play a major role in your buying decision.

What are the most popular designer bags for women?

As mentioned in the post above, the options are endless when it comes to designer bags. You can experiment with nano or oversized bags. Moon bags and bucket bags are the trending statement while airpod bags and messenger bags are also quite the rage.

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