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women wearing designer belt bags

The Travel Size

Accessory Thats

Creating A Buzz

The trend of the season is most definitely one that comes visiting from the past, a style reigning on the era and residing in fashion wardrobes. But what gets dethroned comes back with a revamped outlook to beat an original at it’s own game.

The fanny pack or the equivalent derivatives of it (the belt bag, bum bag, micro bag) , have been the talk of the town to say the least. What used to be the suburban tourist-dad’s ‘family vacay' bag, has restructured the utilitarian values of this belt bag into a transformation from keeping museum tickets, free postcards & souvenir keychains to your passport, earphones (the phone too) ,and the lip tint of the day.

women wearing designer belt bags online

The Micro Bag Trend

The millennial vision of seeing fashion has brought about a change that redefines style drawn from the ages, going from minimal with coin purses and clutches to the heavy duty not-so-micro totes that could most assuredly hold a micro-puppy named Dolce, and then back to the present micro bag carried by the millennial zeitgeist.

Why is the micro bag such a hit amongst the millennia at a point in time when the present dictates a fast moving on-the-go lifestyle?

The answer lies in seeing your on-duty outfit as looking off-duty, its a technology friendly trend that nips clutter in the bud. The new on-the-go bag calls for a few lifestyle changes that start with minimising on material clutter to be chucked out of the bag and keeping the space crystal clear. (Check out our jewelled micro bags)

It definitely makes one question the contents of your present tote. How much of those stack of bills do we really need, and which month did you put that one object that you found in the corner of the black hole of a bag your tote has become?

Outhouse Designer Fanny Packs

Sporting the Jewelled

Fanny Pack

Meet Outhouse’ jewelled belt bags, the remix version of fashion’s favourite eras as we redefine how the accessory becomes the statement.

It’s taking the belt bags straight to couture with handcrafted and gold plated jewels studded on the front of the bags.

A studded belt bag makes it’s way from casual daywear to even something elegant, jewelled that it is.

The bag gives you an endless stream of options on how to carry it, saving from the entire fuss on what goes with what outfit. The credit cards take a decisively less significant hit when you can style a bag to act as your day companion as well as club night carry-on right? An incessant shopper looks at this genius contribution to fashion as a clear sign that its the right buy to curb the weekly shopping addiction when your needs are being met in the bag league.

The bag with it’s detachable belt gives you the preference of wearing it cross-body in the huntsman strap fashion in both the front or the back, or carrying it like a clutch in all it’s sophisticated regalia, or even like a tote but without the holdall tendency.

It can be apprised that the secret to making your outfit the pinnacle of trendsetting fashion seems to lie in donning an all-look encompassing bag, with the je ne sais quoi of a seasoned, travel-size runway veteran.