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Vegan Bags From Outhouse

What’s The Hype With Vegan Bags?

What’s The Hype With Vegan Bags?

After years of sweeping the fashion pollution crisis under the rug, we have all come to a collective realisation that now is the time to rectify our mistakes. Real leather is acquired from animal hide, a process that is now being boycotted by many brands. Being cruelty-free is the goal of most luxury brands in this day and age.

Sustainable fashion comes with its own set of challenges, the want to change the narrative of being called “fake” or “cheap” so that consumers can be more inclined towards purchasing these products such as designer handbags for women. This is a large obstacle in establishing the brand’s authenticity. It is often misunderstood that handbags can not be made in vegan leather as it loses its charm, but this is far from true.

Vegan leather is designed to appear and feel like real leather, in fact, they are easier to dye into more vivacious shades- the right fit for every season. With a large surge in demand for eco-friendly accessories, the vegan leather market now leaves you spoilt for options for vegan bags in India. These can easily be purchased as handbags online as well as the look and feel are beautifully portrayed through images.

So why should you switch to vegan leather? We have all the answers right here:

  1. Vegan leather is animal friendly. It is important that we encourage the well-being of all living beings around us. Living in a simpatico environment is the way to move forward, vegan leather is the first step to do so.
  2. Vegan leather is ecologically friendly. Leather curing and treatment takes a considerable amount of harmful chemicals that are later released into our environment which has proven to be extremely harmful. Vegan leather uses a combination of fabrics and polyurethane that is comparatively much less harmful to the environment.
  3. Vegan leather lasts longer. The material used in vegan leather is made to withstand harsh weather and shows little wear and tear over time.
  4. Vegan leather promotes creative freedom. This leather gives complete control over the look and feel of a product, this increases the scope for aesthetic and composition adjustment.

Outhouse handcrafts its bags in PETA approved vegan leather. Made to make you look good and feel good at the same time. Our designer bags are made with colours that encapsulate the youthful spirit with enhanced silhouettes that are classy but exciting. Ideal for all your essentials and the perfect companion for every season. Another characteristic we like to remind everyone of is the versatility and wearability of our bags. 

Style our OH V Furbie as a crossbody, a chic belt, or even as an add-on to  your existing trove of bags and totes. Other add-ons are our classic OH V Birdy Phone Bag and AirPods Case, the most scintillating plus-ones to any ensemble. Our OH Poppi is fairly adorned in the silhouette of luxury handbags, but feel free to mix and remix and style it as a crossbody or even a backpack! As for our designer crossbody bags and designer fanny packs, they speak for themselves.

Take your first steps towards creating a more sustainable wardrobe and make an impact on the world of fashion. 

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