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Charmes Des Celeste

A poetic addition to the universe of the OH Celeste, Charmes des Céleste is inspired by the love for love. Featuring an array of handmade earrings, women’s bracelets, and optical chains that can be fashioned into a necklace — multifunctionality is at the center of this universe. The intricate splendour of this collection resides in a world of ecru & Keshi pearls, bathed in a baroque light enriched in 22K Yellow Gold.

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Personalized optical chain for women
Premium optical chain

Myriad Convertible Optical Chain

Rs. 9,250

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Personalized earrings
personalised evil eye earrings
Customised Pendant necklace for women
personalised pendant necklace
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The Universe of Charms Personalized Necklace

Rs. 15,500

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personalised bracelet
customised charm bracelet

The Universe of Charms Personalized Bracelet

Rs. 12,000

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Charms Earrings
personalised charms earrings
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