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Personalised Jewellery For Women

Personalised Jewellery is a Mainstay in Your Jewellery Box

Personalised Jewellery is a Mainstay in Your Jewellery Box

Clasp around your wrist, suspending from your neck or snugging your finger, personalised jewellery is still having a moment in fashion. A mainstay in your bling box, personalised jewellery is timeless and effortlessly complements your personality wherever you go. Characterized as everyday jewellery, personalised pieces can be dainty or elaborate and usually feature charms of your initial, birthstone, zodiac sign or others.

At the Outhouse headquarters, we’re big fans of versatile jewellery and designed our personalised range with the brand’s aesthetic at its core. With quality craftsmanship being our priority, each personalised accessory is made luxuriously by local hands. From earrings to bracelets and even bag charms, discover scintillating trinkets for yourself or your loved ones!

Recently introduced as a part of our Threads of Love drop, the OH Dopamine Bond Bracelet is the edgiest accessory to personalise. You can craft your own bracelet by selecting the smallest elements that complete the band - the colour of the hand-knotted straps, the metallic finish of hardware, the initial charm, of course, and the vibrant enamel poured on its engraving. Making a special staple to wear solo or with others from your collection, this unisex bracelet is truly dopamine-arising.

Vintage vibes infused into modern charms, the OH Drachma Coin Pendant is a personalised keepsake plated with 22k gold. Engraved beside the iconic OH V monogram is your name or your loved one’s, in case you’re on the lookout for a thoughtful gift. A concoction of the old and new, the piece is inspired by timepieces made in history.

On days you want to embrace your inner quirk, don the OH Personalised Galaxie Earrings. The danglers of the celestial pair are composed differently, one of which holds your enamelled initial. The earrings are crafted with pearls and celestial stars and crescents, making the piece an elegant statement. 

Similar to the earrings above, this personalised cuff bracelet features a 22k gold plated chain holding various charms together - the moon, the stars, the mystical evil eye, a natural pearl and a mini initial. It’s easy to style and striking to accompany your daily fits. 

A colourful addition to his or her outfit, the Infinity Bracelet comes in seven colours for you to choose from. The hand-knotted satin cords hold together the trending evil eye and a metallic initial. 

To mark your belongings - bag or key - the OH Poppi Personalised Charm appears in eight pastel tones. A playful five-petal silhouette meets another whimsical heart lock with a long leather band. The metal attachments are finished in 22k gold and so is the central initial! 

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