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Tips to Preserve the Timelessness of Your Designer Bags

Bags from Outhouse are handcrafted by our team of skilled local artisans. The making of each bag combines a motley of materials and ethical methods of production. Vegan leather, jute or denim form the base of the bag, which is further adorned with edgy metallic hardware, sparkling crystals and other decorative elements. 

Therefore, constituting the composition of the bag are delicate materials which require good care to last for years to come. To preserve the timelessness of your designer bag, follow the care steps below. 

Usage Tips:

  • Don’t carry the bag under harsh weather conditions.
  • Avoid keeping your bag on dirty/dusty surfaces. 
  • In case the bag gets wet, dab with a soft cloth. Don’t rub.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a slightly damp and clean cloth only to wipe your bag.
  • In case you use cleansers, check if they are alcohol-free. 
  • In case of colour fading, visit the nearest Outhouse boutique.

Storage Tips:

  • Don’t keep the bag under direct sunlight for long hours.
  • Store the bags in ventilated organisers. 
  • Empty the bag before storing it and stuff the bag with dye-free cushioning or crushed paper after every use. 
  • Clean/dry the bag if required before storage. 
  • Detach the chain/strap of the bag before storage to avoid changes in its dimensions. 
  • Retain the silica pouch from the time of purchase and place it inside the bag. The silica gel absorbs moisture from the air ensuring humid conditions.