Myriad Convertible Optical Chain


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A multifunctional dream, the Myriad Convertible Optical Chain is a wonder of personalised embellishments. Handcrafted to gleaming perfection in a fine 22K gold, this jewel has been reinvented to reflect modern jewellery design. With functionality at the centre of its universe, this chain switches effortlessly from being an optical or a mask chain, to elegantly wrapping around your wrist for a layered arm candy look or adorning your neck.

Outhouse’s core principal revolves around the balance of design and craftsmanship, where every creative expression honours age old Indian artistry. Handmade in their studio, the jewellery is a culmination of the finesse of the craftsman technical prowess and a keen attention to detail.

Skillfully cast and polished to perfection, the piece is then plated with 2 microns of 22 carat gold, followed by 2 microns of lacquer, which prevents tarnishing or corrosion. This special care is taken to ensure comfort and durability.

A play of geometric and fluid metallic forms with exotic crystals and semi precious stones forms the basis of Outhouse’s design aesthetic. Outhouse has always strived to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provide women around the world jewellery of the highest calibre.


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