Key Pieces to Build an Arsenal of a
Working Jewellery Wardrobe.

In a time when Sweatpant Season seems indefinite, taking matters into your own hands to dominate trends in your own way is a powerful route to go. When it comes to confidence, the right look with accessories that go perfectly with you can be a suit of armor, an outfit that makes you feel like your personal best.

Quarantine fashion in the time of social distancing is on a highly creative spectrum - from people wearing blazers with boxers, to wearing designer jewellery over pyjamas, everyone’s trying their best to translate their physical reality into the virtual world or I lets say the New World.

This cyber space that we can’t seem to escape from anytime soon is where self expression will reach its peak. Using that platform to be the best version of yourself, to give a message about who you are and what your personal brand stands for is a nuanced matter. This is why Power dressing, even at home, should be an essential indulgence - a routine that provides a boost of energy and uplifts your overall mood. Define your work days and slip into your professional roles by dressing the part. Fret not: we’ll be your guide to power dressing. Picking out jewellery for your work day at home can often be the key




brooch is an incredibly strong accessory, when it comes to self expression. Aggressively versatile in their uses, a brooch can be placed anywhere - on any outfit, to give your look a defining accent. Sitting mighty on the lapel of your shirt collar, or embellishing a simple dress with a brooch can bring luxe sophistication to any look - and is perfect for those who are just beginning to dabble in intricate jewellery.




Earrings are a multifaceted accessory, with styles that range in wide varieties. Finding the right pair (or pairs - we love the occasional shopping spree!) to suit your comfort, yet office ready needs can be useful when working from home. Large hoops or elegant drops make wonderful statements and can overall enhance the appearance of a simple outfit.



in Necklaces

Video conferencing is the new social call. Since most of what we see on a virtual meeting is the face, wearing accessories that frame your face is the way to power dress in jewellery. Whether you’re wearing a choker with statement earrings or layers of pendants, dressing your neck up to bedazzled heights can aid in showcasing your true personality through self expression - let pixels be no obstacle to your relativity to the world around you.




For those that love being minimal in their style, dainty head pieces are your ultimate go-to to bring a little zing to your zoom meets. Inconspicuous yet unmissable, hair pins on loose locks or elegant braids can be the charm to your look and speak volumes about personal empowerment.



on it

Make looking down on your keyboard a little fun with stackable Midi rings that are comfortable to wear at home. Rings are a great investment, to keep you in your zone without being too over the top while being sophisticated at the same time. Minimalist accessories are sculptors to power dressing - sometimes, less is often more.