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types of wedding ring

These Types of Wedding Rings Can Instantly Uplift Your Look

These Types of Wedding Rings Can Instantly Uplift Your Look

Wedding season is officially upon us and deciding on the right bridal jewellery can be just as confusing as deciding your outfits. The endless repertoire of wedding functions call for a change in your style too.

Today’s bride loves experimenting with her jewellery, something which is traditional at its core, yet appeals to her unabashed personality while staying relevant to modern cuts and styles. What better way to experiment than with wedding rings. An essential staple of every bridal trousseau, wedding rings gift the bride with endless opportunities for experimentation right from its cut, shape and colour. Outhouse presents a collection of exquisite, wearable yet distinctive pieces that will definitely make heads turn. Keep your bridal radar on as you do not want to miss out on these divine pieces.

The Perfect Rings To Match Your Bridal Bling:

Wrap Rings

Wrap rings are quite the trend at weddings these days. Their unique design and style are quite eye-catching and often draw attention to your beautifully adorned hands. These rings with 22 carat gold plating when combined with pearls make for quite the striking accessory.

Cocktail Rings

Your dainty midi rings can take a backseat for this one. Cocktail rings have become increasingly popular among new age brides who are looking to showcase their personality through their jewellery. The bigger and flashier the ring, the more of a style statement it’ll make on your D-Day. A 22K rose gold double finger ring like this will add an edge to your elegant bridal looks. Embellished with cubic zirconia crystals and pearls, these rings will make sure they catch everyone’s eye on your special day.

Coloured Gemstones

Our rings with semi-precious stones such as amethyst, coral, lapis, malachite, can be the perfect accessory to elevate your bridal attire with just the right pop of colour. Colourless gems are so passe, women today are favoring the addition of bright colors in their bridal trousseau. Clear cut crystals in addition to these eye- coloured stones are sure to make heads turn.

Stackable Bands

Stackable rings are extremely versatile and can turn out to be an unexpected bridal essential. In today’s age of personalisation and customisation, stackable rings are the way to go as you can detach and style each individual piece of the ring separately or together as a set. The uniqueness of different motifs, textures, 22K finishes, and embellishments like pearls creates an interesting option to showcase your personal style in a quirky way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pick A Good Wedding Ring?

Picking a wedding ring goes hand in hand with your personality, lifestyle, preferences, and tastes. A good tip to remember is to invest in something that will seamlessly complement any other jewellery you might wear with your attires. Different types of wedding rings are available at difference price points, and Outhouse bridges the gap between affordability and bridal fashion. Browse our collection to know more!

What is The Latest Trend in Bridal Rings?

Gone are the days of traditional designs, instead, brides are now opting for rings that reflect their personality and style keeping tradition at its core but with a fresh modern take. Minimalistic yet unique coloured crystals and arrangements are quite popular. They are also set in hand-moulded metal casts, provide support and unmatched edginess.

What is The Most Popular Bridal Ring Style in 2023?

Going into 2023, the most popular bridal ring style is clean, edgy designs that make a statement and speak about the bride’s personal style and preferences. These styles are distinctively finished with 22k gold or rose-gold, and are often adorned with elegantly cut crystals, semi-precious stones, organic pearls, and a mild pour of enamel. 

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