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The Most Perfect Earrings for a Round Face

Ladies, no two faces are the same. Yours, your friend’s, mother’s or sister’s are all different even if some structures may look alike. Everyone has a distinctive face, a different face size and some unique features. While identifying a face shape is easy, also identify relative features while picking the most suitable earrings - such as the length of your neck and the curve of your jawline. A style tip to follow while selecting jewelry is to make sure it all looks balanced and enhances your traits. Your complete look should make you feel confident and flattered.

For women with round faces and a fairly long neck, dangling or drop earrings are the most suitable. You should opt for linear styles as they give an illusion of a narrower face and won’t make your face look bigger, as opposed to wider pairs like studs or hoops. Thread earrings are also a kind that will make your face appear thinner. Read below to discover your fit!

Best Earrings For Round Face

Sirius Embellished Drop Earrings

One of the best earring styles to compliment round faces, are long dangly earrings. This particular style, the OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Drops, make the perfect addition to your ensemble on the next night out. The clean crisp lines, dazzling crystals and embellished pearls make for a statement accessory that will surely get you a lot of compliments.

Gavi Spicule Yellow Kaybug Earrings

Looking for something fun and colorful? Spice things up with this experimental yet flattering Gavi Spicule Earrings. Available in multiple mood lifting colors and eye catching prints, these earrings are a definite scene stealer. Moreover, their enhanced geometrical shape elongates the face, adding more balance to your facial features.

Drip OH Monogram Earrings With Keshi Pearls

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of jewelry like hoops. This iconic style is a fan favorite for a reason, since its universally flattering structure seamlessly complements a range of different face shapes and outfits. Put a unique spin to a classic silhouette with the Drip Oh Monogram Earrings With Keshi Pearls. Combining two classics, pearls and hoops can hardly go wrong. The juxtaposition of dainty elegant keshi pearls when combined with the dull allure of a 22K gold finish make a combination you cannot take your eyes off.

OH Celeste Nova Earrings

If you're looking for an elegant bauble for the next night out, then the OH Celeste Nova Earrings are perfect for you. Its elongated geometric design really brings ouT your features while looking classy and opulent at the same time.

Sylphina Ziptail Earrings

If sleek and sexy is your vibe then you will fall head over heels for the Sylphina Ziptail Earrings. This unique sculptural piece is the perfect companion for a fun night out with the girls, a romantic date or even a formal brunch meet. Its streamlined bodice makes for a fluid accessory that can elevate most ensembles.

Shroomhead Hoops In Dual Tone Finish

Gone are the times when mixing metals was considered a faux pas. Walk into the new age with these striking Shroomhead Hoops In Dual Tone Finish. Combining the 22 Carat Gunmetal plating with the gold accent revamps the cult classic into the epitome of edgy glamor. The sculptural motifs also add an interesting twist on the classic silhouette making it a surefire conversation starter at your next soiree.

OH Poppi Bolt Drop Hoop Earrings

The OH Poppi Bolt Drop Hoop Earrings are a much needed upgrade of the classic hoop style. These reimagined hoops will surely find a permanent spot in your jewelry arsenal. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself constantly reaching out for this pair since its versatility and minimalistic style helps it seamlessly compliments any outfit from day to night. It is lightweight, comfortable and adds a contemporary touch to your ensemble.

Rose Cascade Long Earrings

Celebrating bold and audacious women of today, our Rose Cascade Long Earrings is the perfect statement accessory for the modern muse. Handcrafted with 22-carat gold plating, these earrings are the perfect embellishment for a fancy cocktail night or a soiree of the highest orders. The charming accessory is perfect for round faces since it enhances your features while adding some balance and proportion to your face with its length.

Drip OH Free Fall Earrings In Silver

Sizzle the party scene with the Drip Oh Free Fall Earrings. Silver is clearly the way to go, as this bold statement earring will do wonders for a round facial structure. Adding depth drama and a lot of edge, this free fall style is a popular favorite when you are in desperate need for an exciting accessory refresh.

Drip OH Half-Hoop Earrings

If conventional is your cup of tea, then the Drip Oh Half-Hoop Earrings will surely pique your interest. An interesting play of colors, textures and shapes, this statement earring is a newer half hoop design with a fluid structure and striking sheen. Catch eyes from across the room with these contemporary monogram abstractions.

Final Thought

Selecting accessories for round faces can be tricky sometimes since you don’t want to run the risk of overdoing it. However earrings are one of the best accessories to enhance your face’s natural structure and features. Shop from Outhouse’s wide selection of earrings suitable for round face shapes so you feel confident, glamorous and in your element.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Earrings Look Best On A Round Face?

Earrings with a more elongated design to draw the eye downwards gives the illusion of a longer face and torso. Simultaneously drawing the eyes downward with a danger or drop style earring can balance out your facial features and make them symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

Can Round Face Wear Stud Earrings?

Round face shapes should generally avoid stud earrings since they enhance the widest part of your face which is where your cheekbones rest. However studs with certain embellishments or dangling elements can be flattering for you.

Can Round Face Wear Stud Earrings?

Danglers, Drop Styles, Hoops, Tassels are just a few types of earrings that will really flatter a round face, bring out its features while also providing balance and symmetry to your overall figure.