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5 Types of Jewellery That will Make a Trending Bridal Set

From a modern bride’s point of view, bridal jewellery should be a reflection of her style. And we heard it, then incorporated her preferences while designing our curation from sketch to setting of jewels.

Presenting an arresting interplay of modern and traditional, bridal jewellery at Outhouse is termed unconventional. Traditional silhouettes undergo a modern update, with motifs signature to the House. By blending more-is-more with subtle and simple, we handcrafted a bespoke range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and head harnesses that should make it to every new-age woman’s bridal set.

An Eye Catching Neck Piece

As per the bridal jewellery trends of the day, bridal chokers are emerging popular (also thanks to our favourite celebs whose images have surfaced all over social media). The aesthetic can be described as regal, as these handcrafted pieces are for brides-to-be as well as her bridesmaids. For a fuller look, pair the choker with long necklaces and create sparkling layers!

A Bangle, a Bracelet or Both?

Jewellery to adorn your hands includes bridal bracelets, bangles, or handcuffs which serve as statement solos. Embellished heavily with pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones, these hand accessories are contemporary and match indo-western or ethnic outfits.

Earrings for All Year Round

Bridal Earrings, these elegant works of art are timeless creations that you can wear on your big day or a close one’s. With semi-precious embellishments such as natural stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals, these neo-classical earrings are an expression of luxury. We offer small to large-sized earrings, and also sahara ones that extend till your hair.

Versatile Rings and Dramatic Hand Harnesses

Right! To add a hint of drama to your bridal look, discover our hand harnesses. Delicate, yet elegant, these pieces are a combination of a bracelet and a ring, made seamlessly with a connecting chain.

On the contrary, if you love to stand out as much as you love your basics, our bridal rings are the perfect pick. Choose from a stack of midi rings or single statement rings. 

Hair Accessories Complete The Bridal Look

Trust us, hair accessories can make a dreamy bridal look. Options range from head harnesses to maang tikas and from passas to hair clips. With a modern silhouette, these hair accessories are 

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