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Must Have Spring Summer Jewellery

Summer is just around the corner and we have a lot in store for you. Jewellery has seen a rise in its importance to ensembles over the years. It responds to the growing need for mood-boosting and appealing design. Accessories can make or break an outfit and our top picks for the season are sure to do the former. 

Summer jewellery remains a question mark when it comes to adorning it in the heat. People think whether it will be too much of a hassle to handle and if it really is worth it. To which we say- it is an absolute season staple! Maximalist modern jewellery is used to reflect a vibrant and indulgent summer. Here are some of our top picks of the summer that will make you glisten under the sun:

Bold earrings make a statement for the summer. Earrings are the binding force when it comes to an array of jewellery. They pick up just the right amount of attention and tie together accessories in an ensemble seamlessly. The forecast for the summer is oversized studs and drops that can work as curated sets and may be tied in with ear cuffs as well. Going in an exuberant direction with maximalist shoulder-skimming statement earrings is the mood for the season. Especially ones that have over the top jewellery designs and silhouettes- they play a major role in making an outfit complete.

Statement Ear Cuffs

Sophisticated Studs

Magnificent Hoops

Enigmatic Drop Earrings


The chunky chain reigns supreme for another season. A contemporary jewellery staple for the summer is updated through multiple layering, embellishments, and pendant attachments. Adding to the necklace party is the choker, a key profile for the summer. Opt for chokers with semi-precious stones and monogram pendants and watch as the compliments roll in. This style is risk-free yet bold, and makes for a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Change your look with Chokers:

Mix and remix with layering necklaces


Cue the wrist-stack parade. Keeping in theme with over-the-keyboard dressing, stacked wrists are all the rage. They give you an opportunity to remix styles according to your taste. This is also a more viable option in terms of moving towards a sustainable wardrobe. Stackable bracelets can be adorned alone or stacked, making for multiple options each day. This style is ideal for everyday occasions and can be curated with nostalgic pieces that evoke summer memories of old staycations and basking under the sun.


 A ring can speak a thousand words. With a high demand for finger adornments this season you can expect a refresh to this fashion jewellery assortment. Introducing playful motifs in standalone designs we’re excited to welcome colourful stones, bold silhouettes, maximalist designs, dainty jewellery - it is a whirlwind of accessory essentials.