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Gift Evil Eye Jewellery This Festive Season

Gift Evil Eye Jewellery This Festive Season

Gift Evil Eye Jewellery This Festive Season

Believe it or not, evil eye jewellery has existed for decades and today, it’s unusually popular as almost every individual is seen wearing one. The evil eye motif is charmed for its spiritual significance in our everyday lives, for it’s said to have the power to bring good luck or keep away the negativity from one’s sphere. Post pandemic, people delved into its belief to bring back a fortune in their life, which seemed to be away temporarily.

Commonly seen on bracelets, necklaces, rings or anklets, the trending evil eye is a mystical must-have that one should keep close to themself. In case one doesn’t trust the talismanic ideology, they can still indulge in dainty jewellery adorned with the evil eye as they serve as trendy style statements today. Traditionally appearing in shades of blue or green with white and black, the evil eye has made it to different forms of art - Outhouse’s jewellery being one of them. 

Evil Eye Jewellery Gifting for Him and Her

Some evil eye jewellery is gender-fluid, it’s for men and women alike. Also serving as a thoughtful gift for close ones, enamelled evil eye jewellery is proved to be a treasured one. Timeless in its appeal, the House’s creations are sophisticated and present hints of luxury with careful craftsmanship. Opt for a classic style or one that’s personalised with an initial. 

Meant to be an everyday accompaniment, our unisex bracelets are versatile to blend into their stack. The bracelets feature a hand-knotted strap in vibrant colours to make the upcoming festive season more joyous. Threads of Love by Outhouse celebrate sibling relationships, no matter how strong, knotty or lively they are. 

Evil Eye Jewellery for Her

Paired with dainty pearls and organic silhouettes, a micro enamelled evil eye is encrusted on our 22K gold plated jewellery that features celestial stars and crescents. For the one who believes in spirituality, these can be the perfect addition to their collection. 

Evil Eye Jewellery for Him

Evil eye cufflinks and rings also make thoughtful gifts for him. As a bold accessory to add to his outfits, these geometric gunmetal pieces can elevate any look effortlessly.

Personalised Evil Eye Jewellery

Personalised Evil Eye Jewellery makes for another everyday style. Casual, delicate yet symbolic, the bracelets stand for love and protection. 

A gift as treasured as an heirloom, Outhouse’s evil eye edit showcases the brand’s aesthetic. As pieces that can complement all others in their collection, these everyday jewels can be matched with other dainty ones. 

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