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Jewellery Gift Guide For Women

An Ultra-Flattering Jewellery Gift Guide For Women

An Ultra-Flattering Jewellery Gift Guide For Women

What makes a gift timeless? It’s an inherent characteristic of anything which lies in its quality and design. A timeless gift can be spotted easily as it will take over your senses in an instant. Timelessness lies in craftsmanship, quality, and contemporary design that altogether strike the perfect chords of modernity and sophistication. An example could be Outhouse Jewellery - where each dainty piece is handcrafted locally, adorned with gems that have a luxurious appeal and are versatile to be styled effortlessly. 

For your sister, mother, grandmother, daughter or friend, there’s a piece that can bring an alluring charm. Gift them this festive season as we offer jewellery from minimal to maximal that’s sure to counterbalance their personality. 

Handcrafted Outhouse Earrings for Women

Elegant, classic, yet modern, what’s not to love? Earrings By Outhouse are handcrafted to perfection with 22K gold plating. The Drip Hoop Shell earrings present an interplay between soft and bold, making them versatile to be styled with different looks. The OH Poppi Lace Midi Studs display the House’s iconic five-petal monogram, while the Monogram Archway Hoops are an unconventional take on classic hoop earrings. 

Elegant Outhouse Bracelets for Women

Our selection of dainty bracelets displays a striking balance between edgy and artisanal. Perfect to stack with other dainty bracelets, the Thread of Love Bracelet is a symbol of love and protection. A perfect gift for your close ones, these bracelets are unisex. The Epee Ferrum Link Bracelet and the Myriad Pearl Drop Bracelet are statement pieces that add spark to regular outfits. Wear them solo or stack them with a watch or chain.  

Stackable Outhouse Rings for Women

Here’s what dainty looks like at Outhouse. Carefully cast to rest on your finger, our OH Poppi Bolt and Clump rings are an everyday accompaniment. An elegant gift to give, these rings are a vision of thoughtfulness and longevity. On the other hand, The embellished Lynx Midi Ring is a small sparkle you can add to your occasion wear. 

Chic Outhouse Necklaces for Women

Embodying the couture spirit of Outhouse are these necklaces and pendants. To wish someone protection every day, gift them our Eye Promise Pendant! The Personalised Charms Necklace is a celestial wonder of beauty that should be worn singularly with solid colours. Lastly, The Quintuple Pendant is a cheerful neckpiece to gift her. 

Bold Outhouse Chokers for Women

Chokers appear to be a statement accessory for cocktail events and celebratory occasions. The Acuti Choker and Shroomhead Coker look best worn solo as their industrial edges are highlighted whereas, the Sirius Choker can be paired with a necklace for a fuller look or can be worn singularly too.

Shopping for the special women in your life is now made easier! Gifts are found everywhere but thoughtful gifts are found at Outhouse. Earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets, timelessness is the key to gifting. 


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