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Measuring Ring Size

Everything You Need to Know About Your Ring Size

Everything You Need to Know About Your Ring Size

Knowing your ring size is an important tool that’ll help you make faster decisions. While you’re on a spree and decide to shop impulsively, knowing the right size of your clothes and jewellery is handy. We’re all aware about different sizes in clothing but did you know jewellery has sizes too? 

Necklaces and earrings are safe to buy and its sizes are easy to determine, but jewellery like rings and bracelets demand a snug fit. It’s common to know that a loosely fit ring will slip off your fingers at any moment without prior knowledge if it’s fit. Hence, we present an easy way to measure your ring size for your shopping experiences to be hassle free. Now you won’t need to try on different packs to find the right one. You can find your size on the packaging and know to be assured of a tight fit. 

To measure your ring size at home, perform this simple activity. For those, you’d require a string or some paper, a pen, scissors and a ruler. 

Steps To Measure Ring Size:

  1. Cut a narrow strip of paper or a fine thread. 
  2. Wrap this cutting around your finger. 
  3. With a pen, mark the point where the string/strip meets. 
  4. Place this cutting flat against a ruler and make note of the length in MM.
  5. Match your measurement with the ring size chart available while shopping to know your exact size.

Note that different fingers may have slight variations in circumference. 

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

Alternatively, if you’re at the jewellery store, ask the consultant to help you with a precise ring measurer. The measurer has multiple ring sizes which you can test on your fingers. 

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