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Types of Necklaces And How You Can Style Them

Following the current trends, we’re sure you’re stacking straight, baggy jeans in your wardrobe. Trust us and invest in necklaces too, for they can uplift your basic tee and jeans to a high-wattage level. Basic or unique, necklaces are available in plenty and having a mix of all kinds meets the dynamic style formula. 

On a day when dressing seems stressful and the thought of ‘I have nothing to wear arises, look to necklaces to be your go-to saviour. A pendant with a black tee, a collar necklace with a shirt, a layered duo with a blouse or a choker with your strapless dress, reasons to wear necklaces accompany every mood of dressing. 

Different Types Of Necklaces

The Short Necklaces

The first must-have in the list of necklaces is a short one, preferably dainty too. It’s easy to style with a regular neckline that isn’t too deep, say a shirt or blouse. 

Short Statement Necklaces

Featured above is the OH Pearls De Celeste Necklace, the chunky chain of which falls slightly below your collar bones. The length and appeal of the necklace makes it a versatile one, which can be worn for a work day or formal occasion. Inundating the 22k gold plated chain are natural keshi pearls, an evil eye charm and the House’s iconic monogram. 

The Sleek Midi Type of Necklace

Medium in length, yet sleek, this category of necklaces is suitable for all semi-formal occasions. Style them with a high neck blouse or with oversized fits. 

sleek midi type of necklaces medium size

If you’re looking for options to add to your cart, we’d recommend the OH V Mini Pendant Necklace. Exceptionally handcrafted by skilled artisans, the necklace is completed with a 22k gold plating. The iconic OH V monogram of the brand captures the centre along with a T-closure. The pendant falls near your chest and can be paired with a longer or shorter necklace from your collection (or ours!). 

The Long Dainty Type of Necklace

A solo statement, a long dainty necklace can add gleaming confidence to your look. Best paired with a blazer, a plunging neckline top or a classic turtleneck, the necklace will be an eye-catching accessory.

Long Dainty Type of Necklace

As seen above, the OH Poppi Lever Necklace is a concoction of industrial aesthetics and dainty details. The bolts strung from the gold chain are engraved with the House’s five-petal Poppi monogram. Complement this long necklace with the classic Bolt hoops, another Outhouse bestseller

The Edgy Choker Type of Necklace

Chokers are retaining the position of ‘mainstay’ in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a timeless accessory that can be paired with a myriad of outfits, be it Indian or Western in appearance - saree blouses, shirts, strapless dresses and more. 

Choker Necklaces

A celebrity favourite, the OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Choker is crafted with pearls, crystals and conical spikes. The motley of glamorous embellishments is held together with a brass structure plated with 22k gold and polished with silver-like rhodium. 

The Chunky Collar Type of Necklace

Collar necklaces are short necklaces, that fit loose in comparison to chokers. They’re good to pair with a wide range of necklines - crew, round, V and collared. 

chunky collar necklaces

In the highlight, the OH Epee Ferrun Link Necklace is a new rendition of the chain style. The necklace takes the time-loved look to newer dimensions by switching hoops for rugged blade edges that bring a new kind of cool to the look. This 22k gold finish beauty can be styled around your neck wherever you go!

How many types of necklaces are there?

There is a long list of necklace types that are available commercially. We have broadly classified these types based on the length of the necklace and which part of your neck it covers. Choker necklaces are worn at the highest point of the neck, above the collar bone. Secondly, the collar type are very short necklaces that are worn right above one’s collar bones. Next, short necklaces are typically longer than collar necklaces and reach below the collar bones. Necklaces of medium length reach till one’s chest area and lastly, long necklaces end below a woman’s bust line. 

What kind of necklaces are in style 2023?

2023 necklace trends are similar to those of 2022. Chunky chokers will remain popular for contemporary as well as ethnic dressing. And layering will be more experimental and maximal - with chain and pendant necklaces. 

What is the average necklace size for a woman?

The safest necklace size could be a short one that can be made longer with the adjustable fastening at its rear end. Short necklaces are timeless ones too and can complement every neckline that women’s clothing has. 

How do I pick the right necklace?

Pick the right necklace based on your need. Look into your jewellery collection first and then at your wardrobe. Following this, you will conclude what style you can invest in!