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Jardin de Paradis

Jardin de Paradis



A hymn of love resonating through arches of the divinely palatial, the promise of meeting destiny with open arms, the season that regales of famed tales of love, and the feeling of irrevocable joy cinches together this precious moment for our 2.0 millennial destination bride. A new season, new beginnings and the new destination bride. She walks from girl to woman, as the day arrives when she unfurls her wings taking flight to a destination unknown yet unequivocally exciting.

‘When creating the Jardin de Paradis collection we encapsulate innovation design as icons of luxurious elegance and grandeur,taking modern day emotions to an era that pleasured in bespoke craftsmanship and intricacies- everlasting emotions’

Sasha Grewal


Each jewel immortalizes the feeling of irrevocable love using Rose gold plated metal and carved stones in subtle elegant hues of jade, string of lustrous pearls, evanescent emeralds and pristine gemstones.

A seductive injection of colour radiates imperial energy with the symbolism of balance of body and mind.

Majestic pieces set in undulating curves made with the finest artistry “Jardin de Paradis
indulged in appetite for traditional techniques reengineered into modern territory.

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