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The Necklaces Every Woman Should Own!

Necklaces have been adorning women for centuries, transforming not just their appearance but also their self-esteem. The right necklace can elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary, highlighting your style and personality.

In this guide, we'll delve into the must-have necklaces that every woman should consider adding to her collection. From versatile pendants to statement pieces, discover the art of necklaces and learn how to style them effortlessly.

The Must-Have Necklaces for Every Woman

Bisou Love Links Pendant

A modern grunge approach characterizes the Bisou Love Links Pendant. The 22k gold-plated pendant necklace delivers vibrancy with a red heart and gold dripping accents. With flawless craftsmanship, the pendant can be personalized with your initial or theirs. Celebrate love with Outhouse this season!

O.H. V Mini Pendant Necklace

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the O.H V Mini Pendant Necklace. Centered around the emblematic house motif with a 22K gold plated chain created with modernity and fluidity.

OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Choker Necklace

The OH Celeste Sirius Embellished Choker features the house's monogram representing its true sensibilities. Made with crystals in 22K Silver plating, this choker is a conspicuous contemporary accessory to glam up your outfit.

Drip OH Palescent Coral Pendant

Adding a dazzling highlight to any attire, the Drip OH Palescent Coral Pendant is the result of meticulous crafstmanship. Embed in a cast of the House's Drip OH silhouette, natural semi-precious coral is centrally placed to add vibrancy to the day you wear it. Layer the pendant necklace with another bold one from your collection or ours, or wear it solo for an underdstated look.

OH Poppi Tuberose Necklace

Precious and tender, yet fierce and adventurous. The OH Poppi Tuberose Necklace is a testimony to the fiery spirit of authenticity and individuality; a nod to taking up space and making it yours. The contemporary necklace made from 22K gold plating fuses architectural finesse and remarkable craftsmanship. Nothing quite says ‰Û÷statement‰۪ like the OH Poppi Tuberose necklace.

The Paloma Pearl Pendant

Inspired by the beauty of tropical accents, the The Paloma Pearl Pendant is crafted in stones, fresh water half cut pearls, and cubic zircon that take the centerstage in the design. Delicately put together to create the most divine look, the necklace in finished in 22kt gold, to bring forth the glistening details of the piece to the spotlight, with a sense movement that goes hand in hand with the impeccable bridal outfit.

Drip OH River Rose Drop Necklace

The Drip OH River Rose Drop Necklace is the perfect design to add an embellishment to your entire ensemble. The creation is delicately strung with lustrous keshi pearls alongside a classic 22KT gold plating to make it a classic addition to your collection. Suspended from the iconic OH Dripping logo of the House, the design accentuates the delicate pearls through its unique form, making it suitable for diverse necklines.

Bisou Love Links Necklace

Classic elegance met modern cuteness while handcrafting the Bisou Love Links Necklace. The 22k gold-plated necklace features charms including the House's monogram, five-petal flowers, an evil eye and custom initial. As a minimal gift to showcase love and joy, the personalised product is packed with perfection. It can be styled for every occasion.

Borla Legacy Choker Necklace

Handcrafted by skilled artisans the Borla Legacy Choker Necklace is a beautiful amalgamation of elements such as freshwater pearls, baguettes and CZ crystals. The choker features a Borla motif at the centre with galactic fancy crystals on either side and pearls tassels hanging from it. Its multifaceted features make it an extremely versatile accessory that can be worn as a bajubandh as well.

OH Poppi Lever Necklace

The OH Poppi Lever necklace captures the boldness and tension of hardware and balance it with exquisite femininity. A row of suspended gold chains finds themselves gleefully suspended from a structured design around the neck with the signature monogrammed hardware. Playful and multifunctional in its design, this necklace‰۪s structure has technical finesse, while offering the freedom of styling options. 

Drip OH Pearl Collar Necklace

An exceptional combination of pearls with the drippin‰۪ aesthetic of the House, the Drip OH Pearl collar necklace is dynamic look signed intricately by new monogram. Embracing a contemporary feel the necklace is finished in 22KT Silver plating delicately casted into a fluid structure merging an element of boldness with elegance. The creation can be further stacked with longer designs from the collection.

Drip OH Link Choker In Bubblegum Pink

The Drip OH Link Choker in Bubblegum pink features the new signature House monogram in a playful interpretation. Strung with interlocking rings on either sides, the choker is delicately created with Italian brass and finished in two-tone bubblegum pink enamel and classic 22KT gold plating. This exceptional design composes of an iconic touch that makes it a perfect piece to layer with longer styles or adorned by its own, to make a statement.

The Universe of Charms Personalized Necklace

Draped in the luminosity of baroque pearls and personalized inlay alphabets, the Universe of Charms Necklace is inspired by the love for love. All handcrafted with a brilliant 22K gold finish, its length can be adjusted, allowing it to be adorned with a variety of necklines or different styles. Intricate cosmic and talismanic motifs married with the ever symbolic House Monogram lend this piece of jewel a timeless character and versatility that allow for it to be styled in a number of different ways. This unique piece may be worn alone or with another letter for a highly personalized style.

OH Poppi Bolt Layered Necklace

The OH Poppi Bolt Layered necklace is a feat in contemporary design that cascades into scintillating structures inspired by hardware elements with each layer. This thoughtful stacking of industrial-inspired components against the signature Poppi monogram symbolises the balance of the soft against the tough and the tenderness that comes with a powerful rawness. Every part of the 22kt gold wonderment makes it a captivating timepiece to bring home and love. Pair the necklace with the OH Poppi Bolt Mini Hoop earrings from the collection, or let it draw attention all by itself.

Le Palmier Choker

Nestled on the neck in the most beautiful combinations, the Le Palmier Choker can be styled in a variety of ways to offer the most mesmerising look. Designed with materials like carved stones,natural pearls, stones,and cubic zircoin, the creation is plated in 22KT gold finish making it the perfect match for your wedding ensemble- brightening every minute detail.

OH Epee Ferrum Link Chain Necklace

Love in design comes to life with our OH Ferrum Link Chain Necklace. Playing on the classic link hoop aesthetic, the necklace takes the time-loved look to newer dimensions by switching clean lines for rugged edges that bring a new kind of cool to the look. This 22kt gold link beauty will be around your neck from Monday to Sunday. A love bond for life.

OH Celeste Blazar Choker Necklace

A modern representation of luxury jewellery, the OH Celeste Blazar Choker is a defining arc of OH Celeste. Remarkably exquisite in 22K Silver, the black feather detailing on this choker dusted with crystals embraces mysticism and exudes timeless sophistication.

Le Palm Serefina Pendant Necklace

A signature creation from the collection, the Le Palm Serefina Pendant Necklace narrates a vibrant tale of the House's exceptional Savoir Faire. Dynamically assembled into a timeless silhouette, the necklace is crafted with mother of pearl, cubic zircoin and marquis that offer a versatile combination of materials. Finished with 22KT gold, the necklace reveals a new narrative of love and joy as it unfolds into a vibrant iteration of the House's craftsmanship.

Shroomhead Choker In Dual Tone Finish

Striking the perfect chords between high quality craftsmanship and an edgy ultra-modern design, the Shroomhead Choker In Dual Tone Finish choker necklace is an iconic design. Crafted in 22 KT gunmetal finish, the necklace is an exquisite creation that takes shape of the signature House motif with a hint of bold and grunge. With a keen attention to detail, the creation is elevated with gold highlights that seamlessly blend with the design. Wear it solo to stand out or artfully stack it with a dainty necklace to create an alluring look.

Le Palm Fish Layered Necklace

The Le Palm Fish Layered Necklace is the House's Royal Palm motif and displays seamless symmetry. Extending from this motif, is a mini dome encrusted with cubic zircons all around. Presenting a striking amalgamation between modern and traditional, the necklace comes with a pendant and chain, making it a layered wonder. Handcrafted and assembled to perfection by the House's finest artisans, the creation is plated in 22KT rose gold heightening a poetic effect conveyed by this radiant piece.

How to Style a Necklace?

Styling a necklace is an art that can transform your entire look. It's all about creating harmony between your outfit and the necklace you choose. Here's how to make sure your necklace enhances your ensemble:

  • Consider the Neckline: The neckline of your outfit is a crucial factor in necklace selection. Different necklines pair best with specific necklace styles
  • Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to experiment with layering and mixing different necklace lengths and styles. Layered necklaces are a fantastic way to create a boho-inspired, relaxed look.
  • Occasion Matters: The occasion should guide your choice of necklace. Delicate and understated necklaces are ideal for casual, everyday wear. They complement your outfits without overpowering them. On the other hand, for special events and formal occasions, consider statement pieces.
  • Match Your Personal Style: Remember that the most important factor in styling a necklace is your personal style. 
  • Hair Matters Too: The length and style of your hair can influence how a necklace is showcased.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best necklaces every woman should own are those that reflect her unique style and enhance her natural beauty. These pieces add a touch of elegance and personality to your outfits, making every day an opportunity to shine. Explore a range of necklace styles and invest in those that resonate with your spirit, and you'll have timeless treasures to cherish for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular necklace length for a woman?

The most popular necklace length for women typically falls between 16 to 18 inches. This length complements a variety of necklines and can be comfortably worn on a daily basis.

What is the most popular type of necklace?

Classic pendant necklaces are among the most popular types. They feature a single gem, symbol, or design, making them versatile for daily wear and special occasions.

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What necklace styles work best with scoop necklines?

For scoop necklines, pendant necklaces, Y-necklaces, or lariat-style necklaces work exceptionally well. These styles accentuate the open neckline without overwhelming it.

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Which necklace style suits high-neck dresses or blouses?

High-neck dresses or blouses pair elegantly with long chain necklaces, as they drape gracefully over the high neckline without detracting from the garment's sophisticated look.

What length of necklace complements an evening gown or formal dress?

When wearing an evening gown or formal dress, a longer necklace or one with a dramatic pendant can create an elegant focal point. Aim for lengths that fall below the bust or around the midriff.

What necklace styles are currently trending for statement looks in 2023?

In 2023, popular statement necklace styles include chunky chains, oversized pendants, and gemstone-encrusted pieces.

What are the best metals for necklace chains?

The choice of metal for your necklace chain depends on your style, budget, and any potential skin sensitivities. Here are some popular options - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rose Gold, and Gunmetal.

What is the ideal necklace style for layering with other necklaces?

For layering, choose a minimalist, plain chain necklace with minimal embellishments, as it allows you to mix and match easily with other pieces without creating a cluttered look.