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The Best Statement Earrings of 2023

Earrings, those small yet mighty accessories, have the remarkable ability to elevate any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. In 2023, the world of statement earrings is buzzing with creativity, and fashionistas are embracing bold and beautiful designs. Get ready to explore the top trends and discover the best statement earrings of the year that are poised to steal the spotlight.

The Best Statement Earrings of 2023

Christina Hoop Earrings In Multicolour

Blossoming from a radiant rendition of the House's five petal monogram, The Christina Hoop Earrings In Multicolour couture hoops accent an iridescent look finished in 22 KT silver and encrusted with Cubic Zircon in prismatic tones. The creation is further enhanced with a meticulous finish of 2264 hand set stone insets. Showcasing a modern way to wear colour, the creation is interspersed with a luxe palette of yellow, blue, green, ruby red and orange that delicately form the floral structure, perfect to make a statement when paired with your next party outfit.

OH Epee Statement Earrings

The geometric design of OH Epee Statement Earrings evokes a sense of edginess. Inspired by the industrial aesthetic, you will discover the outline of a blade to be the melody that carries the earrings into a song of meticulously crafted design. The creation reimagines the signature house-designed Poppi monogram in a hardware cut with the uneven spaces left in between, and where edges get a feminine touch. The design takes the sharper edges of a blade and blooms into softer curves of the 5-petal Poppi monogram. A testament to brilliance in thought and design, this piece of jewelry takes the beauty and rawness of hardware and eternalizes it in 22kt gold.

Gavi Spicule Earrings In Silver Finish

A whimsical design that adds the much desired edgy touch to any attire, the Gavi Spicule Earrings In Silver Finish stud earrings are created in proportions that give them a contemporary feel. Handcrafted in 22 KT silver finish and cubic zircon, the earrings present themselves in a sleek silhouette engraved with the House's signature motif.

Le Cleo Dewdrop Earrings in Vintage Rose

With elegant drops inspired by royal chandeliers, the Le Cleo Dewdrop Earrings in Vintage Rose is a lighweight creation featuring crystals, cubic zircons and baroque pearls. Embedded in the pair are whimsical details that evoke the supreme quality and impeccable artistry of Outhouse. Highlighting sophictication, the earrings can be the perfect addition to your weddig wardrobe finished in 22KT rose gold plating.

The Lupis Dangler Earrings

An alluring silhouette strung with Keshi pearls and punctuated with the House's logo, these pearl danglers are designed to elegantly graze your jawline. Handcrafted with a 22K gold finish, its intricate motifs reveal a celestial inspiration with hints of talismanic influences with a hand-enameled evil eye. Adorn it as a statement piece or pair with similar styles from the enchanting collection.

The Majesty Earrings

Elevating the House's signature to another level, the The Majesty Earrings are a true embodiment of the bridal state of mind. Hand made to perfection with a 22KT gold plating, the creation is further created with materials like carved stone, natural pearls, pearls and cubic zircoin. Embellished enough to grace your ears most effortlessly, the creations are an exceptional marvel that heightens the beauty of the ensemble.

Drip OH Wild Heart Shell Maxi Earrings

The iconic Drip OH Wild Heart shell maxi earrings knows no bounds when it comes to depict the timeless OH Dripping logo. Designed with a textural heart silhouette, the creation is handcrafted with 22KT gold and luminous pearls that are perfect to make a statement everyday. Pair this stunning sculptural silhouette with other dainty pieces from the collection to define your impeccable sense of style.

Drip "OH" Maxi Earrings In Dual Tone Acid Green

An iconic reinterpretation of the House's monogram, the Drip "OH" Maxi Earrings In Dual Tone Acid Green stud earrings in Green Glaze embrace an artistic aesthetic by featuring a dripping accent in its design. An exquisite and timeless creation, the earrings are handcrafted in a tonal enamel finish that elegantly adorns the ear. The iconic silhouette is the ideal way to add a touch of radiance to your everyday looks with the House's initials taking the centre stage.

Drip OH Monogram Earrings With Keshi Pearls

A versatile hue of white lends itself to create a timeless lustrous design through the Drip OH Monogram Earrings with Keshi Pearls. Signed with the OH Dripping logo and accents of keshi pearls, the creation is handcrafted with 22KT gold plating, capturing a tranquil essence through their glinting structure. Unmistakably divine, the oversized appearance of the hoops instantly elevates any look it is paired with and makes it the highlight of the ensemble.

OH Celeste Blazar Earrings

The black feather detailing is the true charm of an avant-garde version of classic styles interpreted in contemporary luxury jewellery. Married with delicate pearls and crystals, the OH Celeste Blazar Earrings are a striking icon of high fashion jewellery.

Heritage Stud Earrings

The Heritage Studs are inspired by the traditional Rajasthani Borla which for many decades has been prevalent as a bridal jewel-possessing a strong visual identity. It features the traditional Borla motif embellished with CZ crystals and pearls set in 22 carats rose gold plated base metal. They are simple yet very elegant and can easily be worn with several different ensembles. Best paired with the Borla Legacy Choker.

The Universe of Charms Personalized Galaxie Earrings

A cult favourite for its charming personality, and versatility, the OH Galaxie Earrings are a little constellation of cosmic motifs, pearls, and personalized inlaid initials that can be customized as desired. An asymmetrical silhouette all handcrafted with a brilliant 22K Gold Finish, these earrings explore a world of styling possibilities - whether worn together or solo for an audacious venture. This unique piece may be worn alone or with another letter for highly personalized style.

How to Style Statement Earrings?

  • Keep It Balanced: Pair oversized statement earrings with simpler outfits and vice versa.
  • Complement, Don't Compete: Let your statement earrings be the star of the show by keeping other accessories understated.
  • Hair Matters: Consider your hairstyle when choosing statement earrings. Updos showcase them beautifully, while loose locks add a casual touch.
  • Necklines Matter: Match your statement earrings to your outfit's neckline for a harmonious look.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're attending a formal gala, a casual brunch, or a romantic date night, there's a pair of statement earrings waiting to elevate your style. Statement earrings have the power to transform any outfit into a work of art. So, go ahead, indulge in the glamour and express yourself with the best statement earrings of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are statement earrings in style?

Statement earrings continue to be a strong and stylish fashion choice. In 2023, they are even more prominent on runways and red carpets. These bold accessories can transform a simple outfit into a fashion statement.From oversized designs to colorful options, there's a statement earring style for every fashion enthusiast.

Are statement earrings suitable for formal events?

Statement earrings can indeed be worn to formal events. However, the choice of statement earring style should align with the event's formality level. For black-tie occasions, opt for elegant, gemstone-encrusted statement earrings. For semi-formal events, you can experiment with a wider range of styles, from classic pearls to bold, oversized designs.

What do you pair with statement earrings?

When styling statement earrings, keep the rest of your accessories minimal. Let your statement earrings take the spotlight by avoiding heavy necklaces or overpowering bracelets. Instead, opt for a simple necklace or no necklace at all to maintain a balanced look. Also, consider your outfit's neckline and hairstyle to ensure your statement earrings are showcased effectively.

What hairstyles go best with statement earrings?

The hairstyle you choose can either enhance or compete with your statement earrings. To showcase your statement earrings effectively, opt for updos, ponytails, or hairstyles that pull your hair away from your ears and neck. This allows the earrings to take center stage and adds a touch of sophistication to your overall look.