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Explore the Must-Have Rings for Modern Women

If jewellery is a language, then rings are its poetry. Each ring tells a story, encapsulating emotions, memories, and dreams within its delicate curves. Modern women understand the profound language of rings, choosing these pieces not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for the narratives they hold. 

In this OH style guide, we'll explore the must-have rings for modern women and discover how they have become the ultimate symbols of empowerment and self-expression.

Must-Have Rings for Every Modern Woman

Bisou Love Links Ring

In its mini proportions, the Bisou Love Links Ring strikes a balance between versatile and vibrant. The 22k gold-plated ring deliveres an individualistic attitude with a red heart and dripping accents. With impeccable qualities, the personalised piece can be stacked with ease!

The Lynx Midi Rings

Finished in 22K Silver plating and illuminated with shimmering pav̩-set crystals, the Lynx Midi Rings are a vivid twist of elegance mirrored in contemporary jewellery design. Dainty exuberance that wraps elegantly around your finger.

The O.H Monogram Spin Ring

Transforming the Outhouse's initials into a multipurpose signature ring set in 22K Gold Plating; the O.H. Monogram Spin Ring is an interplay of creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. A creation designed in detail at the atelier, the one-of- a-kind masterpiece can be best worn stacked for a sensory overload.

Borla Legacy Ring

The Borla Legacy Ring is a double finger ring featuring a Borla in the centre, a galactic fancy crystal on one side and a pearl and cubic zirconia crystal on the other. Handcrafted with 22 carat rose gold plating this ring will add a bit of edgy sophistication to any look.

The Seine Ring

Revealed with utmost grandeur and exceptional handwork, the The Seine Ring is a celebration of the House's intricate connection with bridal creations. Crafted with vintage rose and embedded with cubic zircon and natural pearls, the ring is an innovative design that is plated in 22kt gold delicately wrapped around the finger.

Drip OH Midi Ring In Bubblegum Pink

An iconic reinterpretation of the House's monogram, Drip OH Midi Ring in Bubblegum Pink embrace an artistic aesthetic by featuring a dripping accent in its design. An exquisite and timeless creation, the ring is handcrafted in a tonal enamel finish that elegantly adorns the mid finger. The iconic silhouette is the ideal way to add a touch of radiance to your everyday looks with the House's initials taking the centre stage.

Le Cleo Ring

The cabochon custom fish accentuates the Le Cleo Ring with a hexgon-cut clear crystal. A dainty design, the ring is handcrafted with an Italian brass and plated with 22k gold. It can be adjusted easily by slightly pressing it to make a switch to the mid-finger. One can choose to wear it solo or with a stack!

The Paloma Pearl Double Finger Ring

The Paloma Pearl Double Finger Ring is carefully crafted to embed the most minute details. Dress your fingers with this scintillating piece created with cubic zircon and baroque pearls, the design entails a 22kt gold finish that elevates it instantly when either paired with other creations or worn solo.

Le Merina Midi Wrap Ring

Designed to transcend the traditional silhouettes of rings, the Le Merina Midi Wrap Ring lies at the timeless core of the House's bridal collection. Handmade to perfection, the ring is created out of pearls, cubic zircoin and marquis, and made to look truly unique and one-of-a-kind, making it take the centerstage in the outfit.

OH Poppi Clump Ring

Unlock the beauty of a design that is delicate yet dynamic, reimagining the 5-petal monogram as abstract forms in the OH Poppi Clump ring. The 22kt gold finish shines bright in a meticulously crafted design that celebrates the power and beauty, both, of the wearer. The dramatic design show plays out with 3 individual monogram silhouettes flowering together tenderly. Simplistic and chic in its essence with each solo monogram, yet magnifying the life and light of the design when it comes together to enhance the presence and personality of the jewel. Adorn this ring by itself or partner with classic silhouettes for an unexpected pairing.

Pearls des Celeste Knuckle Ring

With a slim bar that extends across two fingers, this contemporary ring exudes a fresh cool and celestial elegance. Handcrafted in a brilliant 22K gold finish, the ring is punctuated with baroque pearls and celestial motifs that give it a mystical aura. Wear yours as a statement piece or adorn it with similar styles from the enchanting collection.

The Acai Midi Ring

A sculptural marvel makes waves of statements as The Acai Midi Ring resembles an icon on the wedding day. Brought to life in cubic zircoin and finished in 22KT rose gold, the ring is a super chic addition to the bridal trousseau that amps up the entire vibe instantly and can be effortlessly paired with a matching necklace for maximal effect.

The Paloma Pearl Ring

Final Thoughts

A modern heirloom for generations to come, the Paloma Pearl Ring is crafted in exceptional 22kt gold plating, and crafted with stones, cubic zircon and stones, cubic zircon that invite the wearer to experiment with their wedding looks, to explore the infinite styling opportunities through this riveting ring.

The Faena Gemstone Ring in Vintage Rose

Celebrating the moments truly special to the beholder, the The Faena Gemstone Ring in Vintage Rose ring is distinguished by an elegant effect that features a delicate detailing of elements. Crafted in 22kt gold plating, the ring is designed with cubic zircon and carved stones that truly create a magnificent look. A mesmerising icon of beauty, the style is uniquely made to signify the most indelible day in the bride's life.

OH Acuti Rings

It‰۪s all in the details. The Epee Blade scalloped ring seems like a great candidate to be part of the gang. The more, the merrier. Luxuriously crafted in 22kt gold, this scallop-edged razor-like design evokes a sense of elegance and promises to be wearable and investment-worthy. Style is where this ring is. Let it sing solo and let it shine.

Drip OH River Rose Wrap Ring

Intricately shaped and combined in a clustered form, the Drip OH River Rose Wrap Ring is set with half-flat pearls and finished with a clean 22KT Gold plating. The ring features a vibrant twist on the new monogram of the House, with a quintessential blend of sparkling tones. Wear this contemporary creation with other scintillating OH creations.

How to Style a Ring?

Styling a ring is an art that allows you to express your personality. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the Right Style: Decide whether you want a bold statement ring or a subtler design.
  • Match with Your Outfit: Consider the colors and style of your clothing.
  • Layer and Stack: Experiment with layering and stacking multiple rings on the same or different fingers.
  • Balance is Essential: Ensure your statement ring complements the rest of your jewelry and doesn't overwhelm your hand.
  • Find the Perfect Ring Size: Measure your ring size accurately for comfort and security.
  • Mix and Match Styles: Don't limit yourself to one style; mix vintage and modern designs for a unique look..

Final Thoughts

Each ring tells a story that goes beyond mere aesthetics, encapsulating emotions, memories, and dreams within its delicate curves. For modern women, rings are more than adornments; they are powerful symbols of empowerment and self-expression. The language of rings transcends words, and with Outhouse's rings, you have the opportunity to craft your own story, one ring at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ring should I wear?

The choice of a ring depends on your style and the occasion. Dainty rings for everyday wear, and statement rings for special events.

Which ring is best for luck?

Rings featuring stones like sapphire, turquoise, and citrine are often associated with good luck and positive energies.

What is a good ring to wear every day?

Simple, durable bands or stackable rings are excellent choices for daily wear.

What's the ideal number of rings for a woman to wear?

There is no set number that is considered ideal because individual preferences and fashion trends vary widely. Some women prefer a minimalist approach with just one or two rings, while others may enjoy stacking multiple rings on one or more fingers for a more statement look.

What rings are in fashion now?

In 2023, dainty stacking rings, gemstone power rings, vintage revival rings, and geometric designs are the hottest trends.

What is the most popular ring style?

When it comes to making a statement with your jewellery, certain ring styles have gained immense popularity for their bold and eye-catching designs. The most popular ring styles for making a statement include cocktail rings, stackable rings, and statement solitaires.

How do I choose the right statement ring for my hand shape?

The ideal statement ring for you may depend on your hand shape. If you have long fingers, you can opt for bold, elongated designs. For petite hands, consider smaller, more delicate statement rings.

Can I wear silver and gold rings together, or should I stick to one metal type?

Mixing metals is a popular trend. It's all about personal preference and finding a harmonious balance between your pieces.

What's the best way to store rings when they're not being worn?

Store rings in a soft jewellery pouch or a dedicated jewellery box to prevent scratches and tarnishing. Keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. For more details, read our jewellery care guide