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The Best Designer Handbags of the Season [2024]

As the seasons change, so do our style cravings. And in the world of fashion, nothing completes a look quite like a designer handbag. Get ready to embark on a bag-venturous journey as Outhouse, your go-to for designer bags, unveils the most coveted handbags of the season. These are more than accessories; they're statements, stories, and the embodiment of style.

Let's explore the best designer handbags that will not only elevate your outfit but also your confidence.

Most Iconic Designer Handbags of the Season

Crystal Furbie Bag

The world of the iconic Furbie continues to expand with the introduction of the OTT Crystal Furbie bag- a staple of the Outhouse aesthetic. Featuring a brilliant knotted top handle and metal loop, this statement creation is designed in PETA-approved vegan leather accentuating the OH V logo of the House on a rhinestone base. With versatility at its quintessence, the OH V Furbie bag slides through a sling chain that can be styled as a crossbody, chic belt or simply carried by hand to light up your evening style.

Designer Midi Bags

The Gold Rush Furbie Goes “ EXTRA “ in an all new “ MIDI “ size . Remodelled with iconic flair, the Midi Gold Rush Furbie embodies Outhouse’s vision of radiance and timelessness in new proportions. Exquisitely elongated to portray the signature crystal camaraderie of the House, the bag is created in the perfect size to accommodate your phone, along with all your essentials. Brilliantly intertwined with a top handle and a central metallic OH V Monogram, the Midi Gold Rush Furbie emphasises on its euphoric essence through the skilfully patterned four thousand champagne crystals that envelope the PETA-approved vegan leather base. Making it the ideal companion for the day, the bag’s versatility enables it to be styled as a crossbody bag, waist bag, or a scintillating handheld- to embellish an extravagant party outfit or a casual off-duty look.

OH V Furbie

Introducing the icon of the season, the OH V Furbie in Midnight. This compact nano bag is redesigned with a new curved top handle. Transform it effortlessly into a handheld, crossbody bag, fanny bag, or charm bag - as the House redefines versatility. The bag is handcrafted with patent vegan leather quilts and the OH V monogram. A touch of luxuriousness comes with 22K gold-plated accents.

Pico Minaudiere Couture Bag

An elegant dialogue between a statement shape and a bejewelled design, the Pico Minaudi̬re Bag delights with its charming silhouette. Equipped with a striking pearl top handle, the bag is inlaid with the emblematic OH DNA pattern of the House in a pave setting, interlocked with the iconic OH monogram. A compact and elegant structure, the Minaudi̬re Bag is the perfect companion to embellish any outfit.

The Holiday Raffia Furbie

A youthful energy spreads at Outhouse as we introduce the holiday season with The Holiday Raffia Furbie. Handcrafted in over 26 hours, an ivory vegan leather creation is overlaid with neatly knotted strands of raffia. The House's iconic OH V monogram takes center, too, to complete the trend-setting design. A complementary sling comes along to help enhance your style quotient!

The OH V Paparazzi

An exemplary display of the House's craftsmanship is seen in The Grande OH V Furbie in Lime, introduced as a part of OH Cruise 2024. In its elongated proportions, the bag features a sleek top handle, parallel vegan leather quilts and the OH V monogram inlaid with green crystals. The design dialogues a chic cosmopolitan aesthetic and at the same time, fits your phone!

The Holiday Eclipse Bag

An eccentric energy resides at the House as we introduce The Holiday Eclipse Bag. To craft the statement, a vegan leather moon bag is overlaid with knotted raffia strands and free-falling keshi pearls. Displaying five vibrant hues, the handheld expresses free-spiritedness and is completed with enamelled Gavi faces along it's curved closure. Iconism is added to the Spring/ Summer 2024 with a new metallic handle and dripping central monogram.

Eclipse Bag in Cyberlime Green

Embodying the radiant silhouette of a half-moon, the Eclipse Bag in Cyber Lime is a creation that combines both modernity with couture spirit. Echoing the House‰۪s vision of elegance, the bag is consciously handcrafted out of vegan leather and adorned with the signature OH Dripping logo. It further features an exquisite boomerang-shaped elongated top handle design and an adjustable frontal strap. This day-to-night bag is incredibly versatile, featuring a cyberlime top handle that can be effortlessly worn on the elbow or as a shoulder bag.

The Holiday Poppi Pouch

Introducing the House's statement-making handheld - The Holiday Poppi Pouch! The rectangular silhouette is quilted with Marine Blue PETA-approved vegan leather and is overlaid with striking shades of raffia. The delicate OH Poppi monogram finished in 22K gold takes center and a zipped enclosure safeguards your sleek belongings inside.

Metallic Sling Minaudiere In Cocktail Glaze

Metallic Sling Minaudiere In Cocktail Glaze. The new version of Outhouse' popular capsule bag line, this Minaudiere's elegance, charm, and it-girl spirit combined. Starring the handcrafted limited edition OH V logo containing the stallion head, the charcoal grey limited edition kaput crystal designed by Jean-Paul Gautier, the Imago butterfly, the majestic flutter ring, and the Onyx dragonfly. Featuring an open Flap, box chain and hidden inside pocket.

How to Style a Designer Handbag: Your Style, Your Bag

  • Match the Occasion: Consider where you'll be carrying the handbag. A smaller clutch or crossbody may be ideal for evenings, while a spacious tote suits everyday use.

  • Color Coordination: Choose a color that complements your wardrobe. Neutral tones are versatile, while a bold color can add a pop to your outfit.

  • Balance Bag Size: Ensure the size of the bag matches your body shape. Petite frames may benefit from smaller bags, while larger frames can carry larger totes with ease.

  • Signature Style: Reflect on your personal style. If you're classic and timeless, opt for a structured bag. If you're more casual, a slouchy hobo might suit you.

Designer Handbag Trends in 2024

  • Sustainable Luxury: Look for designer bags made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials to make a fashion statement that aligns with your values.

  • Mini and Micro Bags: Embrace the charm of small, statement-making handbags that elevate your style while being a trendy conversation piece.

  • Geometric Shapes: Explore the world of unique handbags featuring bold geometric shapes like hexagons and circles, which provide an edgy, modern touch.

  • Metallic Finishes: Add a touch of glamour with handbags featuring metallic and high-shine finishes that catch the eye and elevate your look.

Final Thoughts

As the seasons change, fashion evolves, and with it, our style cravings. Designer handbags hold the power to complete your look and boost your confidence. Outhouse, your go-to for designer bags, unveils the most coveted handbags of the season, ensuring they're more than just accessories. They're the embodiment of style and an invitation to elevate your outfit and your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I care for my designer handbag to keep it looking new?

Caring for your designer bag is easy! Ensure you store it in a soft bag after every use to prevent the bag from dust or moisture. In case the bag gets dusty over time, wipe with a soft, mildly damp cloth.

Also, avoid using the bag in harsh weather conditions.

Can I wear a designer handbag with casual outfits?

Yes, without a doubt! You can enhance your style quotient with designer handbags, whether you dress in casual or formal attire. Outhouse’s range of bags can be carried in various ways - as a handheld, a crossbody bag and in some cases, a belt bag or shoulder bag.

Are designer handbags worth the investment?

Designer handbags are worth the investment as they are designed with a sense of longevity. A designer bag will never go out of style and is crafted with durable materials to ensure it doesn’t wear or tear with time. They are iconic pieces that display the brand’s esteem and individuality.