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A Customised Bracelet For Everyone!

A Customised Bracelet For Everyone!

A Customised Bracelet For Everyone!

Dream a bracelet that you can make yours—Threads of Love 2.0

For as long as our memorable history remembers, charms, talismans, beaded bracelets, rings have been a part of our heritage… tying a cord of promise comes to us from within and more importantly from love. And taking this very idea, we envisioned Threads of Love 2.0, a completely customised bracelet that’s beaded with emotion, linked in dreams and strung with love serving as the perfect gift for him and her.  

Threads of Love 2.0

Created for the unique bond between you and your loved ones,  Threads of Love 2.0 captures insightful gemology anecdotes from yesteryear and adapts them to the modern world. With that special Outhouse touch, think of an evil eye bracelet but with a unique twist—the ‘All Seeing Eye’ wherein a single evil eye gracefully glides across the wrist, mimicking your movement, and casts an aura of your bulwark with ease.

Threads of Love Bracelets
Just Bead It Bracelets

And now to manifest true love and protection, a modern version of the Navratna is subtly placed on the edge of the All Seeing Eye aptly titled the Eye of Gems. It is said that all life on earth is influenced by the navagrahas, or nine influencers. Each of them is represented by a gemstone—diamond, pearl, ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, cat’s eye and hyacinth and in conjunction, they are called the Navaratna. Wearing the Navratna has been a part of our tradition for centuries and has been known to protect one’s soul from changing planetary and star alignments. It is the holy alignment of these changing planets coming together in the form of jewellery that instills stillness and prosperity. 

What sets Thread of Love 2.0 bead bracelets and thread bracelets apart from anything else is their bespoke nature. Dream your Thread of Love with our bracelets for men and bracelets for women with over 50 possibilities featuring our Eye of Gems, a modern take on the navratna, an All Seeing Eye that glides over the wrist and secured with links/beads/thread of your choice, each bracelet can be curated to match your sibling’s unique style. Making these the perfect gift for anybody you love and even for yourself. 

Entwined For Infinity Chain Bracelet

With Outhouse’s workmanship and your creative flair, the materials used for these modern evil eye bracelets were handpicked for their miraculous properties and dreamy nature. Collected from histories far and wide, the gemstones used for the wrist are lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye and matte black beads that serve as an ideal canvas for the Eye of Gems and the All Seeing Eye to shine through. If beads aren't your style, our tricolour threads are knotted to perfection to bond your love in hues of amber, evergreen, royal blue and eggshell. And if melting links seem to be your kryptonite, there are two variations in 22k gold and gunmetal. The joy of creating a Thread of Love for your love is the ideal gift you can give them, allowing their style and yours to come together like never before! 

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