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The Party Starter Kit designed for the sartorial crew was launched at the bachelorette of the Ouhtouse founder Kaabia on the glamorous Greek island Mykonos, The embroidered party starter drawstring kit features the Clear Kabonos Petite Bag, the evil-eye ear studs, the customizable drachma coin pendants, and the evil eye charms. Plan your bachelorette with the outhouse and customise your party starter kit.


Outhouse Party Starter Kit

An occasion that is bound to be a special and memorable time in life,and next to people who make the memories as precious requires an extratouch of planning. The Party Starter Kit designed for the sartorial crew was launched at the bachelorette of the founder Kaabia on the glamorous Greek island Mykonos, #my kabonos was celebrated with a glam accent synonymous to the Outhouse ethos as the bachelorette headed towards cocktail hours in custom-made accessories and resort bags inspired by

The Clear Kabanos Petite Bag

The Clear Kabonos Petite Bag was designed to resonate Kaabia’s upbeat and boisterous personality, reflected in it’s clear pvc & retro themed construction. The bag sports the Outhouse logo surrounded with vivid


Outhouse Party Starter Kit

The coin pendant was inspired by the founder’s previous visit to Greek islands, from the ancient Greek currency ‘Drachma’ . The gold plated pendant features customizable initials engraved along with the Outhouse logo which is suspended from a delicate chain. The pendant is light and minimalistic making it a malleable accessory that can be worn by itself or layered whether dressing up for a night out with the crew or as an option for effortless and casual day wear.

The Evil Eye Ear Studs

The floral evil eye studs conjure the fun and bohemian spirit of the party with it’s dramatic pop of colours in a robust pink and tangerine, in soft threaded tassels surrounding the enameled flower. Each petal forming the flower is structured in the form of a heart featuring a series of customizable colour compositions in a light lime green and pastel yellow, and dual toned pink and blue. Fastened to these boho-luxe studs is the intricately handcrafted evil-eye charm that dangles below the 


Kustomised for #Kabonos

The Outhouse bachelorette is remiss without the jewelled undertones to the Mykonos party, bringing to limelight the boho-luxe Outhouse special, the custom-made handcrafted jewellery for the founder and her crew, was an amalgamation of exotic Grecian design with modern-day Coachella aesthetics. The jewellery featured gold-plated ear cuffs and studs encrusted with pearls and feathers.