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"Devil is in the details, so when it came to my wedding I knew it had to be perfect to the T"
smiles Kaabia Grewal when asked about how it all began for the most scintillating wedding of the season #KABANNG

Here's a little preview into what went on into the planning and curation of a truly unique wedding and the first ever
Outhouse Experience.


"I knew exactly what I wanted and for when, all I needed was a team that understood my requirements and could execute them perfectly.

So much so, the events team was replaced less than a month before #KABANNG , we got a new company and they did a perfect job! So just like the perfection I crave for my jewellery, I required for my wedding, and today I can say, it was truly everything I wanted and more!"




I have noticed over the years on how people treat wedding cards and that was one thing I wanted for sure—a paperless wedding. The next step was to find someone who could execute the magic of an enchanting invite in a digital format, enter Potesa Designs.

Being a true millennial bride, I found them on Instagram (yes! that actually happened!)! I saw their page and it called out to me, I knew I had to get in touch.

After only a few conversations I knew they got what I wanted.


We started with the #KABANNG monogram which captures Rushang and my personality perfectly.

I gave them literally five words that described us: 
Crazy, Bold, Eclectic, Colourful, Outlandish  and Quirky.

And the result was magnificent!

We loved it so much, we even added a background score that went with the location (stay tuned to hear more on this on our next blog) and animated it to make the elements pop!
The Tiger represents Rushang as the leader, the bold one, the crazy one, and the Peacock represents me, more demure,
colorful (obviously!) and quirky for sure.

Once that was in place, we knew we had to get a website that spoke about the elaborate functions or should I say festivals, and something that captured the mood perfectly. 

I wanted it to be a mix of us, the location, the themes and obviously the wedding. 

Each element was discussed, referenced, thought through, experimented with and then finalized. It was a true Outhouse Experience and I cant wait to share the rest of it with you!

Stay tuned to hear all about #KABANNG Day 1!