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Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift

Why Jewellery Makes the Perfect Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, and wrapping it thoughtfully to the moment of unveiling - can be a rewarding experience albeit a puzzling one. Since you get more joy by giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you’re able to give. While the notion of gifting is rooted in the art of giving, what you choose for a loved one can also make a huge impact.

This festive season, discover the joy of giving with luxury jewellery  and explore a selection of pieces carefully handpicked (and handcrafted!) by us, for you.

A Treasured Heirloom

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A dazzling piece of jewellery stays forever - and can spruce up your outfits for those last-minute Holiday plans. With Outhouse, discover pieces that exude timeless elegance that can be treasured forever. A thoughtful ornament from enchanting collections, like a hand harness or evil eye jewellery are fine pieces that can be appreciated over time. There are endless classic jewellery styles this season that translate into versatility and make them timeless. The OH Celeste is a jewellery collection resplendent of invariable everlasting designs that serve the purpose well - it is a gift now, and an heirloom later.

Uniquely Yours

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Although most jewellery gifts hold a rather sentimental value - you can add to it by personalising it to make a unique, more meaningful gift. From engraved quotes to personalised initials, these symbolic gifts hold twice as much meaning and are priceless - like the Infini Thread of Protego Bracelet or the Circle of Protego Monogram Charm Bracelet from Threads of Love. They make for truly unique, irreplaceable treasures in one’s life - a designer bracelet from AW 2020’s most coveted collection, perhaps?

Symbolising Bonds

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Not only is it a great investment that you can give to your beloved, but it also indicates a deeper significance. Well chosen gifts that come from a thoughtful place are indicative of one’s feelings for the other person - as is the symbolism engraved in the jewellery. Talisman jewellery from Eye Promise make for incredibly meaningful presents - among brooches  and pins like the OH Celeste Iridescent Cosmos Brooch or a meaningful pendant like the OH Celeste Sirius Pendant to go above and beyond.

A Statement of Reigning Luxury

Handcrafted OH Celeste Iridescent Cosmos Brooch in 22K Gunmetal
Sirius Tie Clip jewellery Gifts with pearls and crystalsin 22K silver finish

With a universal language of luxury jewellery and style, personal embellishments are increasingly gaining momentum for their style quotient and its sentimental value, making a statement of unparalleled luxury for the Outhouse Man. For the beloved men in your lives, you can’t go wrong with the OH Celeste Iridescent Cosmos Cufflinks or the OH Celeste Sirius Tie Clip. A narrative of tenacity and audacious strength, the Protego Signet Ring is a fierce statement with its uncompromising presence: an essential piece of jewel for the Outhouse Man.

To Remember Special Days


Immortalise the days you want to remember forever with defining jewels that treasured mementos. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a graduation present - these occasions are milestone moments and what better a souvenir than timeless luxury jewellery? Celebrated jewels with an iconic House Monogram have a reigning reputation and exude elegant sophistication - The OH V Lunar Choker and the OH V Lunar Studs regale the Outhouse legacy and are timeless icons that are a symbol of the house.


Throughout mankind’s history, jewellery is something that has always exchanged hands with a meaning. Today, buying a piece of jewellery - whether it’s modern, luxury fashion or contemporary - for someone takes us beyond materialism and fosters to deepen a bond as we invest our energies and money into one another. The history might be extensive and the reasons, plenty, but these key factors illustrate why jewellery makes the perfect gift.