Trending Y2K Jewellery That Are A Must-Have

Unless you’ve been far from social media for a long time, you know what Y2K is and how it’s taking the fashion industry by storm, fastening production cycles and epitomizing designs - say chokers, enamel rings or beaded necklaces. 

Inspired by the pre-electronic age that flashed between the late 90s to early 90s, fashion currently is peculiarly popular, for it is a rendition of creative self-expression, handcrafted styles and flattering materials. Thoughts go to a myriad of things when we ponder Y2K, but collectively, it’s about how cool, glam and unapologetic the vibe is.

Taking the mood forward, Outhouse Jewellery, an Indian bridge luxury brand, conceptualised OH Dopamine by correlating trends of euphoria and maximalism. OH Dopamine, a collection which is an ode to the Y2K era, got its title from the dynamic dopamine rush one feels while reminiscing over those nostalgic years (if you’re old enough!). Integrated with today’s preferences of bold, eccentric and unconventional, Outhouse presents must-have Y2K jewellery

Enamel Jewellery

Enamel jewellery is a new take on Outhouse’s bold aesthetic. Recently introduced as a part of our runway edit, our plated jewellery is glazed with vibrant enamel and sometimes spotted, striped, or shaded for an ultra admirable outcome. 

The Gavi Spicule Earrings - a fashion-forward accessory - take inspiration from the human and are crafted with a bold sharp twist. The design echoes a maximal vibe with a reprise of animal patterns on coloured enamel.

The Kitten Kidult Ring adds a playful personality to your look while breaking away from conventional forms. 

A vibrant representation of the House’s new monogram - the Drip OH Maxi Earrings - is truly dripping with joie de vivre

Pearl and Bead Jewellery

Creating a remarkable balance between artisanal excellence and new-age trends, jewellery at Outhouse is crafted with beads and pearls, as a part of their motley of materials. Presenting elegance or grunge aesthetics, contrastingly, our accessories can be a companion to every personality. 

A boho aesthetic is accompanied by dangling resin beads, metal attachments and keshi pearls in the Shroomhead Nafeli Cascade Earrings.

Evoking a dreamy and ethereal feeling through its alluring design is our Drip OH Half-Hoop Earrings. 

The Shroomhead Ivar Necklace displays a vivid interplay of materials - keshi pearls, metal attachments, semi-precious lapis stone and glass beads - that make it a statement piece. 

Industrial Jewellery

Industrially refined jewellery at Outhouse follows the global hardware trend of the day and presents an eccentric composition of small to large forms. Various elements are cast together and polished to a metallic finish with 22K silver making them unique pieces with a bold dialogue. With modern industrial sensibilities, hardware-inspired jewellery is a Y2K necessity!

A design with a compelling stance, the Gavi Helix Shoulder Grazers, and Choker portray the House’s human element with raw elements and multi-sized dangling hoops.

Edgy as it looks, the Drip OH Monogram Leather Bracelet offers a distinctive design combined with vegan leather and plated brass hardware. 

Presenting an extraordinary concoction, Camelia Swarovski Bolo Tie features a three-dimensional flower from which embellished leather extensions drop till mid-waist. 

Crystal Jewellery

Dainty crystals receive a maximal redux with Outhouse, where each creation resembles the extravagance of the Y2K era. Essential for your vacation or any social event, our crystal selection can’t be refused. 

Showcasing a new way to wear your favourite colours, the Christina Hoop Earrings are crafted with more than two thousand cubic zirconia. 

The OH Jewelled Monogram Fingertip Rings are an edgy accessory to have on your hands this season. Mix and match a set of studded and metallic ones. 

Embodying a punk aesthetic, the pair of Drip OH Chainmail Gloves features the iconic monogram that’s surrounded by countless rhinestones in a mesh setting. 

Metallic Jewellery

A vision of gleaming elegance, our metallic jewellery is finished in silver, gold and gunmetal. Cast in a variety of organic forms, these pieces are versatile to be styled with most of your wardrobe while elevating them to a trendy slant. 

A shell shape is moulded in metal and holds our dangling monogram in the gold Drip OH Loop Earrings. 

The dual-tone Shroomhead Choker is an exquisite creation that replicates our signature House motif with a hint of bold and grunge. 

Featuring a sculpted amethyst stone and plated metal, the Gavi Bloom Studs strike the perfect chords between natural and crafted. 

The House showcases youthful energy with its free-spirited offerings and luxurious appeal. Y2K, the talk of the fashion industry, is imbibed in our collection that’s available online and in stores. They act as the ideal accessories for all occasions you’d like to wear them too!