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7 Unconventional Bridal Hair Accessories

As a bride-to-be, we’re sure you want to elegantly stand out among all your wedding attendees and little did you know, we have way! While necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are ‘the usuals’, edgy hair accessories aren't.

Today’s bride would love her accessories matching her bold personality - which presents a mix of cultures and artistic eras. Taking inspiration from our modern muse, we gathered hints from the Y2K thrall, English royalty, androgenic style icons and classic Indian traditions to curate a collection of scintillating bridal jewellery that she can don during the ceremony or any of her pre-wedding events.

Bridal Hair Accessories for Indian Bride


To make an Indian bride feel like she’s distinctly dressed, an imperial-inspired crown does the trick! Handcrafted with multi-szied organic pearls and sea-water shells, this elaborate hair accessory is futher inundated with the House’s signature Lophorina Bird motifs completed with crystals. Presenting a symphony of sparkle and soothing curves, this designer gear is finished with 22K rose-gold.


Believe it or not, experimental is the new elegant. If you have a bold personality, style the mohawk with your attire. It is embellished with a handful of white beads, few pearls, shells, and crystals, and is tinted with a 22K rose-gold finish.

Maang Tikka

Today’s bride would definitely do it differently. While regular maang tikkas are available extensively at Outhouse, this unique select extends till the back to embrace your hair. As a bride-to-be, this hair accessory will add a coruscating element to your look. 

Head Harness

As a graceful extension to a maang tikka, head harnesses feature symmetric chains that are worn off-centre. Usually three to five chains make up a head harness that are embellished with small beads or stones. Crafted by hand, this jewelled accessory features a whimsical design.


For the modern bride who’s on the lookout for a traditional touch, this Passa fits the bill. Inspired by the royal Mughal culture, Passas is meant for OTT accessorizing. They’re worn on the left or right side of the head, with the danglers touching one’s face. 

Hair Band

Perfect for an afternoon celebration, this pearlescent hairband is studded with pearls along its well-fitting curve. Adorning this silhouette are the House’s Lophorina Birds that subtly gleam with nano crystals. It displays sophistication in all its glory. 

Hair Clips

Absolutely what a minimal bride wants! These hair clips are midi-sized and feature large crystals all-along its geometric shape. If your hairstyles let’s you have your hair lose, a pair of hair clips are perfect to add bridal-bling. They’re so versatile that they can be paired with nine-out-of-ten pieces in your wardrobe, including western and ethnic styles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to do bridal hair?

Bridal hairstyles can be exquisite or simple! It depends on the bride’s personal style and bridal outfit. To enhance a variety of bridal hairstyles, we handcrafted hair accessories such as crowns, mohawks, hair clips, hair bands, passas, maang tikkas and head harnesses. These hair accessories are intricately adorned with crystals, pearls, beads or shells, and pastel coloued stones. 

Which hairstyle is best for bride?

Wedding hairstyles can be elaborate or straightforward! The bride's personal style and wedding attire will help determine this. We handcraft hair ornaments such crowns, mohawks, hair clips, hair bands, passas, maang tikkas, and head harnesses that easily complement a range of bridal hairstyles. These hair ornaments are inundated with crystals, pearls, beads, shells, and stones in pastel colours.