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The Mysteries of the Lapis Stones and Creation of the Gilded Lazuli Collection

With a gilded and idealistic mind, LAZULI is a trail-blazing and avant-garde collection, risen out of the strength and beauty of spectacular women without whom this brand would not flourish. At the core of this collection are the mysterious and alluring Lapis Lazuli stones, semi-precious stones in an amalgamation of shades of blue. The collection is the epitome of art that speaks volumes, a sculptural approach to defying conventions and the bond in womanhood.

The Mysteries of Lapis

Originating from the remote mines of Afghanistan, Lapis Lazuli, which is quite often also referred to as just Lapis, is a metamorphic rock found in shades of celestial blue laden with flares of gold. It is used as a semi-precious stone due to its intense blue colour. It is a glorious culmination of minerals like lazurite, calcite, and pyrite and was greatly treasured in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt China and so on. What makes the stones that much more special are the unique and unidentical golden flecks found in them, caused by the presence of Pyrite, a naturally occurring iron disulfide mineral. Due to the variations of the chemical properties, the colours of the stone can range from a dazzling greenish blue to a stark violetish blue. The Etymology of Lapis is quite interesting in itself. Lapis is the Latin term for "stone" and lazuli is the genitive form of the Mediaeval Latin lazulum, which means "sky" or "heaven"; hence, this is a "stone (of/from) the sky" or "stone (of/from) heaven".

However, more than anything what trumps someone about these vivid stones is their symbolic meanings and healing properties. The ancients believed that the stones possessed mystical powers and divine connections, and hence used them in creating prolific statues and artistic products, rituals, jewellery and even in the adorning of tombs for pharaohs. Throughout history, the semi-precious gems are known for their wisdom, strength, protection and luck. Besides this, they are lauded for their healing powers as well, acting as a talisman for mental clarity, spiritual growth as well as emotional balance. Mentally, they are supposed to improve mental clarity, cognitive function, and problem-solving skills. Lapis lazuli promotes emotional serenity and harmony, reducing anxiety, tension, and depression. And spiritually, they promote communication and self-expression by aligning with the throat chakra, enabling people to speak their truth with clarity and conviction.

Gilded Pieces from the Collection

The Lapis stones might be the focal of this collection, however, it's the gold sculptural designs that help elevate their magic. The House embarked on a creative journey to create not just jewellery but wearable sculptural art. These futuristic designs exuberate fluidity, cosmic anatomy and an edge, something Outhouse has not showcased before. Sculpted and plated with 18K gold, these 17 pieces also feature the House’s signature charms and symbols like Poppi cabochons, galactic crystals, Keshi pearls and the Iconic shroomhead motif. The whimsical look and feel of the jewellery adds to its magical and transportive story, aided by these charming charms.

Notable Pieces

Though each piece in the collection is truly the piece de resistance, here are a few staple pieces from LAZULI, that need to find a new home in your wardrobe. Embrace your femininity, strength and creativity as you embrace some mainstay pieces from this groundbreaking collection.

The Lazuli Sculpt Layered Necklace

This draped necklace is the pinnacle of LAZULI. It is a meticulous combination of nano metallic accents, from graceful drips to blooming Poppi flowers, Keshi pearls to of course the statement Lapis stones.

The Feriae Earrings

These earrings represent the spirit of the House with their loud and vibrant design comprising of a lacquered monogram, Poppi cabochons, galactic crystals, Keshi pearls, and the unique charm of lapis lazuli

The Iconette Pendant

With a name like Iconette, of course, the piece would be iconic, dangling delicately from a fine chain, the gold Shroom takes focus, and is punctuated with a five-petal Poppi flower, a red heart cabochon and a monogram adorned with glistening crustal zircons.

The Feriae Ring

With the spirit and delicacy of an actual Fae, the Ferair ring is not just a ring but a piece of art, with its lacquered OH monogram, the Poppi cabochon, a whimsical butterfly, the iconic Shroom and a Keshi Pearl.

Final Thoughts

Hence, LAZULI comes together with the mystical powers and symbolic truths of the Lapis stone and the signature gold plating and charms, representing the roots of Outhouse. With as many interpretive meanings as possible, the one this collection truly is a representation of is the message of envisaging a world in which art and creativity are limitless.