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Ten Trend-setting Crystal Jewellery Styles

Crystal jewellery is timeless! Truly speaking, they’re crafted with nearly-cut crystals that have a luxurious yet gleaming quality. Covering categories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and even bags, crystals are encrusted on statement wearables. 

Striking a balance between minimal and maximal, crystal jewellery at Outhouse are designed with a versatile approach. Whether you style the crystal pieces with casual attire or formal, it’s sure to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Each crystal is assembled by hand and highlights the intricate craftsmanship of the House. 

On this note, we bring to you the ten most sought after pieces that elude elegance. 

Trending Crystal Jewellery Styles

The Christina Hoops

The five-petal flower motif of the House is covered with crystals to make a statement. The pair is available in two sizes, ensuring it suits every choice! Discover the design in silver crystals and multi-colour. 

The Orion Pendant

If you want to subtly accessorise your look, invest in the Orion Pendant. Handcrafted with crystals and conical spikes, the pendant is held together with a multi-textured chain. The design also is available in three finishes - gold, rose gold and silver. 

OH Celeste Nova Earrings

A celebrity favourite, the OH Celeste Nova Earrings have elegance at its quintessence. The pair is also crafted with crystals, pearls and conical spikes finished in 22k silver. 

The Crystal Furbie

Available in silver or champagne, the Crystal Furbie is a coveted creation. A nano bag by type, the creation is swathed with over 2000 crystals, spreading sparkle wherever you go. 

The Faena Mini Earrings

Recently introduced by the House, the Faena Mini Earrings are a pair to love. Even in a compact size, the earrings don’t fail to express a holiday vibe. The pair is available in six crystal choices. 

The Faena Mini Earrings

Le Sunset Palm Brooch is an exceptional and artisanal piece to wear! Its design replicates a dancing palm tree in its tropical territory. Hence, brooch is completed with crystals, pearls and jade green stones. 

OH Dopamine Jewelled Glovelette

Crafted with PETA-approved vegan leather and multi-sized crystals, the snug glovelette is an iconic one. It features the House’s monogram in the center. 

Monogram Convertible Lanyards

With many ways to wear, the lanyards make fashion functional! Attach the crystal chain to your face mask, eyewear and earpods or simply style it as a necklace. 

Monogram Convertible Lanyards

The Jewelled Fingertip Rings are an iconic innovation. The ring is designed to be worn on your fingertip, as the name suggests, and makes manicures modern. The mini pieces make a maxi impact with crystals in three colours - silver, fuchsia and jade. 

Monogram Convertible Lanyards

Presenting an extraordinary design mix, the Camellia Bolo Tie bow tie is a subtle yet striking creation. Crafted with silver crystals and vegan leather cords (inlaid with hand-set stones), the neck piece beholds an unconventional spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my crystal jewellery?

To ensure your crystal jewellery stays safe for years to come and doesn’t lose it’s shine, store it in a soft fabric box or pouch after every use. This will keep the jewelled piece protected from dust and scratchy surfaces. 

What types of crystal jewellery should I choose for specific occasions?

Exquisite crystal jewellery can make a statement wherever you style them. Small pieces are perfect to wear for day to day errands, while larger pieces should be reserved for formal sophisticated gatherings. Crystal jewellery is designed with multi-sized or multi-shaped crystals, and you can choose the design that you prefer the most - as they promise versatility.