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Surrealism Meets Futurism: The Artistic Boldness of Outhouse's Lazuli Collection

In an era of creativity where anything and everything is possible, we turned to a more traditional yet innovative approach—introducing the surrealistic world of LAZULI, a collection so bold and out of bounds yet so rooted to the house's identity. With Cyberrealism and Surrealism at its core, the collection speaks to the inner artist in you. It’s not just jewellery but a sculptural and art campaign, that will inspire and motivate your creativity, just like ours.

On The Collection

The only way to describe the artistic designs of LAZULI is fluid and in motion. The gilded collection serves as a canvas for reinvention, with Outhouse's iconic Shroomhead motif and semi-precious Lapis Lazuli stones at the helm of it. Additionally, the collection features the House's signature charms, including red carved cabochons, shells, and iridescent keshi pearls. The 17 otherworldly and ultra-edge pieces represent a new era for the House and for the marriage of minimalism and maximalist ideals.

On the Lapis Lazuli Stones

The Lapis Lazuli stones, also known as Lapis, are deep blue metamorphic rocks, used as semi-precious stones, a perfect example of how with just a bit of buffing and polishing, something greater is revealed. Symbolically, the Lapis stones have been associated with strength, courage, wisdom, and truth, representing the makings of the modern woman,

On the Creative Journey

The avant-garde collection is anything but ordinary, and this method has been implemented in the entire creative process. To add novelty to this edgy campaign, we collaborated with artist Marcelo Pedrozo and entered a new dimension where hair was used as a medium to express beauty, strength, whimsy, and womanhood. “The concept is surreal, futuristic and artistically bold,” as articulated by co-founders, Kaabia and Sasha, maintaining the brand’s ethos through and through.“This is the kind of magic only artists of the future can create. When we were brainstorming on what we imagined Lazuli to be, ground-breaking was the word and I was all-in for it,” speaks Marcelo, on the eccentrics of the whimsical hairdos and the peculiar women who conceptualised them.

On the Founder’s Ideology

“Every woman on set had something special about her. Isla is so mysteriously graceful, Mona is bold and Anaina has a young, experimental energy. When the brand’s attributes flawlessly fused with their personalities, we knew the impact the campaign would make,” the sister-duo shared about the creative process and the willful women who partook in this campaign. Launching in March, or better yet Women’s History Month, the collection in every sense of the design celebrates women in every form and mindset they come in. Deeply rooted in its concept, LAZULI is all about the creative celebration of the women of the future and what motivates them without any ‘barriers’ like age, ethnicity, personality and ideals. In other words, it is a collection about connection and the bond in womanhood.

Ergo, Outhouse's Lazuli Collection is a significant stride forward in the world of jewellery. By perfectly mixing surrealism with futurism, the brand defies conventions, promotes originality, and encourages women to embrace their own character. With each sculpture, Outhouse asks us to envisage a world in which art and creativity are limitless.