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jewellery for new year evening party

Stunning Jewellery Ideas For New Year Party 2022

Stunning Jewellery Ideas For New Year Evening Party 2022

If there’s one event we look forward to in our calendars today, it’s definitely a New Year’s party. November 2022 is passing and so are thoughts in our minds about year end parties and new year resolutions. Many of us have started planning events or getaways, but what will make those memories last are the images you capture in a celebratory mood. One way to express your celebratory mood is by dressing in unique yet glam ways. 

While the outfit hunt must’ve begun, here are some treasures you can eye alongside that will add a subtle pop of colour or hint of shine to your New Year’s looks.

Colour Pop

What’s hue favourite? Pink or green, white or black? If it’s these and more, your search ends here. With a vibrant Y2K mood, Outhouse presents a range of enamelled jewellery that covers every colour on the year’s palette. 

Contrastingly, if you won’t hop for pop, these safe-to-go earthy hues are for you. The selection is handcrafted with natural embellishments such as pearls, mother-of-pearl shells, and semi-precious stones. 

High Shine

Find your bling amidst our crystal creations. Handcrafted with cubic zirconia in cool colours, these statement pieces are versatile for your year-end getaway or group night-out. Go maximal with larger sizes or embellishments, following today’s macro trend. 

On the other hand, discover high shine in our metallic range that is finished in 22k gold or 22kt silver. These gleaming pieces are carved perfectly to make signature sculpted silhouettes. 

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