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The Necklace You Need for Your Sweetheart Neck Dress

Your heartbeat quickens as you slip into your sweetheart neck dress, feeling like a vision of elegance. But what's missing to complete this look? The perfect necklace, of course!

In this style guide, we'll delve into the art of accessorizing your sweetheart neck dress with the right necklace. Whether you're dressing up for a romantic date, a special event, or even your own wedding, we've got you covered.

Necklace Styles for Sweetheart Neck Dresses

Delicate Chains and Pendants

When you want to embrace understated elegance, delicate chains, and pendants are your best friends. These fine pieces gracefully accentuate the sweetheart neckline without overpowering it. Opt for a pendant that falls gently into the V-shape of your dress. This style is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication without stealing the spotlight.

Statement Necklaces

For those who love drama and glamour, a statement necklace is your go-to choice. Make a bold statement with an ornate, eye-catching piece that draws attention to your dress. A well-chosen statement necklace can turn your sweetheart neck dress into a showstopper.


Chokers are all the rage, and they perfectly complement the shape of a sweetheart neckline. They emphasize the charming curve of your neckline and add a trendy, chic vibe to your outfit. Chokers come in various styles, from delicate to bold, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Tips for Accessorizing Sweetheart Neck Dresses

Earrings and Bracelets

Pair your necklace with earrings and bracelets that complement the overall look. Opt for earrings that echo the style of your necklace, and don't forget to choose a bracelet that matches without overpowering your jewellery ensemble.

Hair and Makeup

Hairstyles can either hide or emphasize your necklace, so choose accordingly. Updos, for example, allow your necklace to shine, while wearing your hair down can add a touch of mystery. As for makeup, keep it balanced – let your jewellery be the star without overshadowing your natural beauty.


The right footwear is crucial to complete the look. Heels elongate your legs and add a touch of sophistication, making your sweetheart neck dress even more enchanting.


Don't overlook your handbag. Choose a clutch or handbag that matches your dress and jewellery, tying the entire ensemble together seamlessly.

How to Style Necklace with Different Sweetheart Neck Dresses

  • Casual Chic: A simple pendant on a delicate chain adds elegance to your everyday sweetheart neck dress.
  • Cocktail Glam: Make a statement with a bold, glitzy necklace to accentuate your dress for a night out.
  • Wedding Elegance: Complement your bridal sweetheart neck gown with a timeless pearl necklace or a choker for a contemporary twist.

Final Thoughts

Your sweetheart neck dress deserves a necklace that enhances its charm and your unique style. Explore our exquisite collection of necklaces, specially designed to make you shine even brighter in your favorite dresses. With Outhouse, you'll discover the perfect necklace to complete your look and create memories that last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of necklace goes with a sweetheart neckline?

The best necklaces for sweetheart necklines are delicate chains with pendants, statement necklaces, and trendy chokers.

What shape is a sweetheart neckline?

A sweetheart neckline resembles the shape of a heart, curving down in the center and gently rising on the sides to create a romantic, flattering look.

How do you style a sweetheart neckline wedding dress?

For a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, consider classic pearl necklaces, chokers for a modern touch, or statement pieces to add drama to your bridal look.

Why are sweetheart necklines so popular?

Sweetheart necklines are popular for their romantic and flattering shape, making them a timeless choice for dresses, especially for brides and formal events.

What is the difference between a sweetheart and semi-sweetheart neckline?

A sweetheart neckline creates a distinct heart shape, while a semi-sweetheart neckline has a less pronounced curve and is often more modest in design.