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Mother's Day Jewellery Gift Ideas

Thoughtfully Curated: Mother's Day Jewellery Gift Guide

Thoughtfully Curated: Mother's Day Jewellery Gift Guide

For the moms who deserved to get pampered and loved every day, this mother’s day, show your appreciation for the most hard working, selfless woman in your life. While a thoughtful bouquet of her favourite flowers or a big box of chocolates to satisfy her sweet tooth are all touching gifts, none are as timeless and sentimental as jewellery. Whether it’s a dainty bracelet for the mom on the go or a chunky ring that shows off your mom’s fun personality, jewellery will always remain a personal and memorable option for any mother.

While no gift will ever be able to showcase our love for mothers, a timeless piece of jewellery will always remain near and dear to her heart. This mother's day, Outhouse has got you covered with our thoughtfully curated list of the best jewellery options for your number one fan since day one.

How to Choose the Perfect Jewellery Gift for Your Mom?

Choosing the perfect jewellery for your mom can be quite nerve wrecking since you want to get the best for your mother. Ask yourself these questions in order to get a better understanding of the jewellery that will suit her. What type of jewellery does she wear most often?Would she like jewellery that resembles her personality? What would make your mother feel special, loved and appreciated? What’s her favourite colour or colour palette? What type of metals does she usually wear and prefer? If you are able to answer this checklist of questions, you’ll be one step closer in narrowing down on the perfect piece that resonates with your mother.

Top Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

OH Poppi Scallop Hoop Earrings

You can never go wrong with a classic tried and loved jewellery trend like hoops. Watch how your mother lights up every room she walks in with these signature Oh Poppi Scallop Hoop Earrings. These versatile pieces can speak volumes about your mother’s individualistic style and flair for femininity. Finished in 22 Carat gold with it’s unique shape and eye-catching floral cut outs, this piece of jewellery is sure to bring a huge smile on your mom’s face.

Monogram Ring

A ring is always a great idea for a gift, and if your mother is a ring enthusiast then it's a thoughtful accessory for her to look down upon and fondly cherish. Nothing says I love you better than a striking pearl ring, and this Oh Crystal Nova Monogram Ring will surely warm her heart. Meticulously crafted and polished to perfection, this 22 Carat Silver finish beautifully compliments the pearls and crystals, making sure she receives a ton of compliments when she wears it.

Personalised Bracelet

If you really want to touch your mom’s heart, going personal is the way to go this Mother’s Day. Consider something truly intimate and sentimental with personalised pendants. The Universe Of Charms Personalised Bracelet is a beautifully subtle but thoughtful accessory that will tug at her heartstrings. You can customise the bracelet with her initials to make it really special. What’s more they look great paired up with most outfits since they are super stylish and minimal. 


A classy sophisticated pendant, like the Oh Xxl Epee Drop, is a playful yet experimental gift for your mother. This particular style is full of sentiment and versatility. It’ll pair well with anything from her wardrobe ranging from basic T-shirts to breezy dresses. Its play on a classic silhouette is made quite interesting with glistening 22 Carat gold detailing and is sure to catch her fancy.


Pearl Studs

If your mom’s personal style leans towards something feminine, elegant and decadent, then a beautiful pair of Paloma Pearl Studs will get her really excited. These earrings are class apart, a truly timeless piece that will pair beautifully with almost anything from her wardrobe. We particularly love this sculptural design since you have the freedom of playing it up or down depending on the style or occasion of your desire.


If you really want to stun your mom this mother’s day, gift her an exquisite statement jewel like the Le Praia Choke and watch her jaw drop in shock at its beauty. This intricately handcrafted masterpiece is truly art personified. Encrusted with carved stones, and cubic zirconia crystals, this choker is one piece she’ll find herself reaching out for on any celebratory occasion. 

Convertible Lanyard

For the working women and mother’s on the go, this Le Lien Monogram Convertible Lanyard is truly a godsend. This sleek piece is not only multifaceted but also multifunctional. The styling options are also endless since she can use them with her glasses, face masks and even airpods. If nothing else, she can always style it as a pendant to look just as sophisticated and classy. There is no doubt that your mother will surely appreciate a thoughtful gift she can gratefully make use of everyday.  


A brooch is an often overlooked accessory but at the same time much appreciated by our mothers. The Le Sunset Palm Brooch is a statement adornment that will have heads turning no matter where she goes. The regal palm motif just adds to its grandeur and is a truly versatile piece that can be styled in numerous ways.

Handcuff Bracelet

If your mom’s personality is larger than life, then her jewellery should reflect that too. Celebrate your mother’s lively spirit with the OH Poppi Tuberose Handcuff Bracelet which features a generous display of our signature floral motif that is bold and audacious just like her. Contemporary glamour combined with unparalleled style is exactly what she deserves to be pampered with on the day you celebrate her.  

Drop Earrings

The Le Palm Serefina Drop Earrings are truly a vision that will compliment your mother’s beauty and glamour. A truly versatile piece, this 22 Carat gold finish beauty combines the sophistication of the shell paired with the bold allure of the gold to bring out her features and amplify her beauty. 

Final Thought

While no gift could truly translate our appreciation for our mother’s, keep it classy and tap into some exquisite sentimental jewellery from Outhouse to make her feel special this Mother’s Day. By gifting her a timeless piece she can cherish everyday, the sentiment behind celebrating her, will create joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

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