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"The one thing love makes you do is go crazy," laughs Kaabia when asked about her relationship with her beau Rushang. In her words, they are crazy, quirky, fun, cool and crazy in love, so whats a better way to celebrate this eccentricity than a carnival itself?

Welcome to day two of the #KABANNG celebrations, where nothing is like you have ever seen before.

'Le Hoi' literally translates to the 'carnival' in Phu Quoc's local dialect, so when it came to having a mehendi, the couple chose the crazy route instead. 

Think pharos, feathers, face paining, shells, lapis, beads, all on the beach. For creating the most unconventional henna night ever, the bride knew one thing was for sure—no henna.

"It had to be a true representation of who we are, the #Kabanng tribe. I made sure there were strict instructions to the production, decor and DJ to ensure we feel like we are somewhere beyond "



The already unique venue was turned into a venue to let go, revel and rejoice, all with the tribe.

The Myconian band Astra played the night away amongst bamboo and burlap huts, large Philodendron leaves, performers from Nuart Events dressed in print on print, shell laden couture with local drums and each guest in ensembles that screamed boho chic. 

And now the one that tied it all together, the jewellery. Inspired by Egyptian royalty, these pieces featured every symbol, colour and technique that symbolizes their rich heritage.  Needless to say, it was given a quintessential modern Outhouse twist.

An amalgamation of metal, stones and organic materials like pearls, kodi shells and feathers which are light weight each creation took endless hours to create and ideate. The process started by meditating on the mood of Le Hoi, the colours were then picked accordingly. Gold for power and royalty, Lapis for signifying the heavens, Green for its protective powers, White for its unabashed purity, Black for rebirth and Red for its ability to provide life and protection.

All of these tints were then taken to appropriate motifs and forms which helped build creations that were not only beautiful, but each of which had a meaning. 

Just like the Egyptians, we also believe that jewellery does have a spiritual significance and always design with that in mind. Kaabia was careful to not only include traditional pieces like ankle bands, head gears and harnesses but gave them each a meaning that made them all the more special.

For her sister Sasha, she chose the Scarab Shield Ankle Band featuring resin, lapis lazuli, moon stones, shells, silk tassels, rose squads. The design was  inspired by the tales of the goddess descending from the heaven on earth taking rebirth.

It took 48 hours to create one single piece. To compliment that, she also wore larger-than-life studs inspired by the one an only Tutankhamun fully decked with enameling, feathers, resin, enameling and more. A Bastet Gaze Ring that is inspired by the goddess of protection, a Amun-Ra Ring that symbolizes the glory of the sun and a Queen's Court Couture Hand Harness encrusted with unique crystals. 

Next she donned the Isis Pectoral Necklace inspired by Isis herself, the Egyptian goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic and medicine. she is known as the queen mother of all gods and heaven. These are traditionally worn across the chest, but at Outhouse we encourage everyone to wear their jewellery the way they like.

The piece was created in 72 hours with intensive labour that involved, polishing, plating, setting of previous stones, resin, metals and more. She also donned the Isis Couture Wrist Cuff that features a flexible mechanism for easy wearing. It featured turquoise stones, fresh water pearls,  clear crystals in a metal gold finish.

The eclectic day ended on a high note with unique bespoke wedding favors of tropical Ram Tribal Necklaces and headgears dripping with exotic feathers, fresh water shells and 22k rose gold plated tusks crafted into works of art for the Outhouse Tribe.

All of these took over 200 hours to create, all worth it for the ultimate Outhouse experience.

Stay tuned to hear all about #KABANNG Day 3!

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