We created a lookbook of co-founder Kaabia Grewal Shah’s best belt-bag

moments. Take a dive into her wardrobe and find a style for every day of the seasons

The Outhouse sister bond is as strong as the innate sense of au courant aesthetics. While a distinctively individualistic bunch, Kaabia and Sasha’s understanding of accessories combines the new wave of powerhouse women that are a constant source of style inspiration.

The designer belt bags with their artisanal OH V logos have been artfully crafted to give the full effect of elegance with 9-5 utility. In tones of charcoal black, grey, earthy jute, these transform into detachable clutches to accommodate every occasion.

Adding to this multi-purpose pot of covetable luxury bags are also the new metallic minaudieres that Kaabia has been spotted with across the globe. Replete with box-chains and chrome glazes the bags are sitting ready for a raging party.

Although versatility and luxury are at the heart of its design, there is an easier way to style them off the high-on-style campaigns. This time we take a peak at Kaabia’s lookbook for the best finds on how to style the Outhouse jewelled belt-bags.