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The Best Jewellery Store in Kolkata: The Outhouse Petite Boutique

The Best Jewellery Store in Kolkata: The Outhouse Petite Boutique

The Best Jewellery Store in Kolkata: The Outhouse Petite Boutique

Jewellery store in Kolkata
Outhouse Petite Boutique in Kolkata

The best jewellery store in Kolkata: Nestled in the heart of where luxury resides, Outhouse has made itself at home in the famed Quest Mall at Kolkata, with the opening of The Outhouse Petite Boutique with dreamy archways, luxurious interiors and jewels as far as the eye can see. The best jewellery store in Kolkata, Outhouse’s new boutique isn’t like any other of its kind. With a humble space that’s fashioned to reflect the design philosophy of the House, the petite boutique is entrenched in the trappings of all things jewels & bejewelled.

Dubbed as ‘The Outhouse Petite Boutique’, our jewellery store in Kolkata is a spatial experience architected with large, arched windows that blend harmoniously with the ethos of the House. Juxtaposing its monolithic form with the delicate with glittering displays of the best the House has to offer, stepping into the store is akin to foraying into a dreamscape of handcrafted luxury - the interiors of this intimate space are conceptually thematic that evokes the feeling of an Outhouse shopping experience. Inside the store, accessories for those that love all things jewellery are showcased to all their glory against fluid archways combined with the House’s colour palette in a signature salmon pink with accents of gold-toned hardware that add a touch of luminosity.

The Designer jewellery store in Kolkata is a key milestone in Outhouse’s vivid journey. The Outhouse Petite Boutique displays an array of jewels and alluring vegan leather goods, and other gifts to purchase. It will be home to exclusive collections and new product launches, meant to reflect Outhouse’s ever-evolving approach to design & the world of fashion. See more below.

The Outhouse Petite Boutique Store - Kolkata

Store Address: Level 1, The Quest Park Circus, Kolkata West-Bengal 700017

Timings: 11:00AM - 09:00PM

Direction: View on Google Map

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