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How To Style Jhumka Earrings For Different Occasions?

The wedding season is vividly on and the best jhumka earrings could be challenging to find. You might be on the lookout for the most versatile pair of earrings that can complement more than one outfit from your wedding wardrobe. 

While there are countless designs available at every jewellery store you’ll come across, it might get you confused. Prioritise your needs, in terms of the best quality, versatile designs, new-age patterns, small to large sizing, and we are sure, you’ll find the best jhumka earrings faster. 

What are Jhumka Earrings?

Jhumka earrings are a staple in one’s festive or wedding wardrobe. Its versatility allows you to style it with ethnic as well as contemporary outfits.

 If you’ve ever wondered what jhumka earrings are, they are ear pieces with intricate designs that are worn on the ear lobe. The design typically includes a stud earring from which a dome-like structure dangles. This dome-like structure can be small, medium or lage, depending from piece to piece. Sometimes, some more dangling elements are suspended from the middle of this dome. These jhumka earrings are ornamental earpieces. 

Jhumka Earrings for Formal Occasions

Jhumka earrings for formal ethnic occasions should be the ones that complement your outfit perfectly. If you wish to wear timeless jhumka earrings with your lehenga, jacket co-ord or cape set for a milestone event, traditional event or wedding ceremony, look for options that are equally unique. You can try styling larger, unconventional type of jhumka earrings that can be the eye-catcher of your look. 

Jhumka Earrings for Casual Occasions

For casual yet ethnic occasions, you’d wear simpler kurtas or indo-western co-ord sets. With these, jhumkas can be the perfect pairing but ensure you don’t overdo the look. Invest in smaller earpieces that have versatility at their core so you can re-wear them easily. 

Jewellery is handcrafted making sure they are durable and neutral embellishments are added so you can style them with multiple colours or patterns.

Jhumka Earrings for Traditional Occasions

For traditional occasions, most women wear sarees or suit sets, owing to their cultural background. For such events or prayer ceremonies, look for dainty jhumka earrings with minimal dazzling elements. Shop pieces that define elegance so you can make a complete graceful look. Keep your hair tied so your delicate earrings show!

Jhumka Earrings for Weddings

For weddings or pre-wedding celebrations, you’d want to dress to stand out. Among the large group of invitees, your jewellery can be the conversation starter. Any type of jhumka earrings can be worn, overly embellished to minimal, or small to large in size. Note, your bridal jhumka earrings should go hand in hand with your outfit. Sometimes a neatly draped wedding outfit can be enhanced with couture earrings and other times, you can go bold with an embroidered fit and large jhumkas. 

How to Choose the Best Jhumka Earrings for Every Occasion?

To choose the best jhumkas for every occasion:

  • Ensure the quality of your earrings is good - Shop from designers or brands that use skin-friendly and tarnish-free metals. Also ensure high quality embellishments are used that do not break while wearing.
  • Select a versatile design of jhumka earrings - The most worn jewellery are the ones that are versatile in nature. Select a design that uses minimum colours or neutral colours so you can e=style them with a variety of your outfits. 
  • Choose the right size of earrings - Earrings that are rightly sized look the most elegant. Everyone has a different face shape and neck length, hence it is important to identify your facial structure before you invest in the purchase of earrings. If you like to wear statement earrings, try wearing a larger size. You collection can have a mix of small and large earrings which will make dressing up easier.

Tips for Selecting The Perfect Pair

The best tips to select your jhumka earrings are the type of outfits you own - Are they heavily embroidered? Are they minimally draped? Are they patterned from top to toe?

Once you access your wardrobe and personal style, buy your jewellery. For heavily embroidered or patterned looks, choose minimally designed earrings. Pick a piece that is small to medium in size. Contrastingly, for a minimally draped outfit, choose statement jhumka earrings. These designer pairs will add glamour to your look and make it appear complete.


Final Thought

The dome-like ear accessories have become a must-have in women’s wardrobes today. Designers have experimented and created new-age shapes and compositions of jhumka earrings. Some come in the form of sahara earrings now, which are earrings that extend to your hair for support, or earrings with multiple nested jhumkas. The availability is endless.

Though the earrings were first introduced in southern India, they are accepted and loved nation wide now. Being an important accessory for traditional wear, the jhumka is a style that can add a touch of sophistciation to any type of ensemble - be it regionally cultured or indo-western in appeal. Today, it’s considered a style any woman can adorn, irrespective of age. With all the style tips mentioned above, make sure you indulge in the right one for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my Jhumka earrings?

Caring for your jhumka earrings are easy. 

  • Pack the pair in a soft clotch/safe box after each wear
  • Keep the pair away from dust and moisture
  • Clean it once in a while with a soft brush and diluted water-soap mixture. 

What are some of the latest trends in Jhumka earrings?

The latest trends in jhumka earrings include:

  • Earrings that are embellished with crystals or stones
  • Earrings with intricate metal detailing
  • Earrings with multiple jhumkas of different sizes
  • Sahara earrings with jhumkas

Which type of Jhumka is best?

The type of jhumka that suits you well is the best one for you. To find the best jhumka earrings, consider your facial structure, type of outfit and the occasion you’d like to wear the pair to.