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Discover The Allure and Benefits of Evil Eye Jewellery

Though trending, evil eye motifs are certainly not new. They’ve existed in some cultures through civilisations as a symbol of protection from negative energy. Whether you believe it or not, the evil eye is considered as an amulet or talisman or any other keepsake that makes one feel safe. 

The evil eye is usually a black-blue-white motif of concentric circles and ancient theories suggest that evil eyes have the power to shield you from the negative energy a person you encounter may possess. The believers of this mystical power carry an evil eye charm, usually small in the form of jewellery, wherever they go and imbibe these beliefs on their dear ones. Such beliefs stay with a person for years and it’s popularity, the trend of evil eye jewellery sparked. 

Labelled as a ‘must have’ in a woman or man’s jewellery collection, evil eye is worn by some people every day. Such jewellery is designed minimally making them an everyday accessory that can be worn effortlessly. At Outhouse, we handcraft this mystical symbol on metallic forms with tri-coloured enamel. 

Benefits of Evil Eye Jewellery

If you believe in talismanic symbols, here are the benefits you can avail.

  • ProtectionEvil eyes protect you from negative energy and having them in jewellery that’s always in the forefront can reverse the effects. This is why it’s good to wear for children and adults.
  • PositivityBy reversing negative energy, you will be feeling positive and happy.
  • LuckEvil eye jewellery can bring good luck too. This is why most people wear these charms while they are going to perform something important - like writing an exam or signing a business deal.
  • Good healthKeeping certain metal or stone amulets gives you better health.

Evil Eye Jewellery Styles

Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil eye bracelets are the most common type of evil eye jewellery. A part of every stack, our bracelets and handcuffs are completed with dainty details. The evil eye charms are held together with hand knotted straps of various colours and chains in three metallic finishes. 

Evil Eye Necklaces

Evil eye necklaces consist of a dainty chain with a unique pendant. The pendants feature shapes like stars, circles or squares and are finished with the evil eye motif. Our jewellery is plated with 22k gold or silver to give the desired metallic effect. 

Evil Eye Earrings

For everyday wear, you may prefer evil eye earrings and if you’d like something statement-making, opt for our pearl collection that also features small evil eye charms. These earrings can also be personalised with your initial!

Evil Eye Rings

Let your fingers embrace the protective symbolism of evil eye rings. From subtle designs featuring small eye motifs to more elaborate statement pieces adorned with crystals or gemstones, these rings are a sophisticated way to infuse your style with a touch of ancient mysticism.

Final Thoughts

Unveil the allure of our Evil Eye pieces, where culture converges with style, and let your adornments narrate a story of individuality and timeless tradition. Explore Outhouse's captivating collection and let your jewellery become a reflection of your inner strength and unique identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Colour is Good for Evil Eye?

While the traditional color associated with the evil eye is blue, different colors hold varying significance. Blue is believed to represent the sky and divine protection. Others may prefer colors like turquoise, red, or green, each carrying its own unique meaning.

What is the Lucky Evil Eye?

The concept of a "lucky" evil eye often refers to an eye symbol that combines protective qualities with positive energy. It may include elements like gemstones, intricate designs, or specific colors believed to attract good luck. Choosing an evil eye with symbols or colors that resonate positively with the wearer can enhance its symbolic significance.

What is the Point of Evil Eye Jewellery?

The primary purpose of evil eye jewellery is to serve as a protective talisman, shielding the wearer from negative energy, jealousy, and misfortune.

How do I choose the right evil eye jewellery for myself or as a gift?

Consider personal style, preferred metals, and the significance of different colors. Many believe that choosing the eye color based on personal needs enhances the protective aspect.

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