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Why Jewellery Is the Best Valentine's Day Gift?

‘Tis the season of love and what speaks the language of love more than jewellery that will last forever? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a piece of jewellery that speaks through your emotions is all you need to parade your love for a family member, a friend, or that special someone. But what truly makes jewellery the best Valentine’s Day gift is the impact it creates on the receiver. Besides having sentimental value, jewellery offers an unspoken promise with its long-lasting quality and symbolises emotions.

A tradition since the 3rd century, when Valentine’s Day first started, gifting necklaces, earrings, or something eclectic and bold turns it into a milestone. Here are a few reasons why you should consider gifting jewellery to your near and dear ones this Valentine’s Day.

Reasons To Choose Jewellery for Valentine’s Day Gifting

Emphasises your commitment

Want a way to profess your commitment and love to your significant other? A statement necklace or an eclectic pair of earrings could be the perfect expression. 

Besides offering versatility, these studs are believed to bring good luck and protect the receiver and your relationship from negativity. The light studs can be styled in a myriad of ways due to their dainty nature.

Nothing speaks louder than a bold choker and our Myriad Chocker Necklace is exactly the spokesperson you need to declare any promises you make. The sophistication of the dangling pearl adds a classy touch that no person would refuse.

Personalised and Versatile

Jewellery also offers you the opportunity to gift someone personalised pieces and make your Valentine’s gift that much more memorable, because who wouldn't like to receive a bracelet with charms dedicated to them? Our Bisou collection offers versatility in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and even rings that can be customised with the letter of the person you would be gifting these opulent pieces to

Memorable and Long-lasting

As mentioned before, the right piece of jewellery can create an indelible effect. Outhouse’s jewellery is credibly long-lasting and is crafted with quality materials. These artisanal pieces are finished in silver, gold, rose gold or gunmetal and intricately inlaid with crystals, organic pearls, natural gemstones and so on.

The signature Drip OH studs that feature one of the brand’s iconic monograms are a beautiful addition to anyone’s trinket collection. In fact, the pair is available in different finishes, from ebullient metallic to vibrant enamel. Also, discover the monogrammed pair enhanced with Keshi pearls.

A pop of color also adds to the vibrancy of a gift. Available in bubblegum pink, fondant blue, silver, and gold the Drip OH Link Choker’s loud and bold nature perfectly encompasses and depicts a person's feelings to the wearer.

Expression of personal style

And of course, choosing a piece that showcases the person’s personal style is truly the cherry on top. Picking a piece that suits the person’s tastes not only shows how much they mean to you but would also compel them to wear it often and work as a reminder of your love and care for them.

A wondrous pair made of a cabochon custom fish and a hexagon-cut clear crystal, in one dainty adjustable ring makes the perfect declaration. A piece for everyday wear, the ring can be styled in a variety of ways, whether with a stack of rings or worn by itself.

The Myriad Convertible Optical Chain captures the true essence of versatility. With the option of being customized, this chain can be used as an optical chain, mask chain, and airpod holder, a sling for nano bags, or simply a necklace, making it a gifting option everyone will instantly love.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear the affluent effect that jewellery can have in showcasing one’s love, hence just like well-crafted jewellery, gift the people you care about something that can stand the test of time. With the plentiful products in our arsenal, there is something for everyone, making these suggestions the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which is the perfect piece to gift her?

Analyse the giftee’s personal style and ask yourself, do they wear more silver or gold? What is their favorite color? Do they prefer bold statement jewellery or dainty timeless pieces? This analysis will help you deduce the perfect piece of jewellery that will encompass your feelings well.

What factors should I consider before buying something for her?

A few things one should consider before gifting jewellery to someone are the wearer’s face shape, their preference in metals, hairstyle for earrings and headwear, and their own personal jewellery choices.

What is the best jewellery for Valentine's Day?

Matching jewellery sets or customised jewellery is the best choice when gifting for Valentine’s Day. The concept adds a great personal touch to the gift and solidifies the bond between the receivers. To showcase your love boldly, you can also discover jewellery with hearty silhouettes.

Is jewellery a good gift for a girlfriend?

A single piece of jewellery, no matter how big or small, speaks more about one’s feelings than anything else. Jewellery can not only hold sentimental value but also affection and commitment.

What are the 3 most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

OH Celeste Ivory Nova Stud Earrings, The Universe of Charms Personalized Necklace and of course Bisou Love Links Pendant can be considered the holy trinity of Valentine’s Day gifts. When in doubt, it’s best to go with either of these options as each holds a symbolic meaning to the day and can be personalised according to the gift, and of course, jewellery takes the cake always.

How can I make Valentine's Day special?

If you want to take your gift one step forward and make it that much more memorable, you can spring for OH’s personalised gifting service that provides stunning complimentary packaging and the option to give a personalised heartfelt message along with the gift, truly making it a gift that keeps on giving.