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Glam it Up: The Best Earrings for Your Party Look

Sometimes the choice made in selecting something as small as an earring can completely turn over your look, and party is the last place you should be wondering whether the choice of earrings for the night was one of the best choices you made. Playing dress up is fun, as long as your look comes together the exact way you envisioned it, and picking the right pair is quite an important decision.

A good pair of earrings can elevate or completely tarnish your look. This game-changing accessory is so versatile, that you can play around to find out what style resonates with you and your personality the most. Scroll ahead for the Outhouse edit on the best earrings to invest in for your next grand affair.

Best Earrings For Your Next Party

The Faena Mini Stud Earrings in Emerald Green

The Faena Mini Stud Earrings are sure to find a home amongst the minimalists. Available in 6 different colours, these earrings are classy enough for workwear, and they also look extra elegant with a festive dress on a cocktail night. 

Christina Hoop Earrings In Multicolour

Why pick just one colour when a rainbow can look this good? These Christina Hoop Earrings are a multicoloured dream that feel like a revamped upgrade on your everyday pair of basic hoops. They look the best especially when they’re stealing the show, which allows you to keep the rest of your outfit subdued, while your earrings do all the talking.

OH Poppi Dewdrop Statement Earrings

You can never go wrong with classic gold. If you’re looking for a piece of jewel that works around the clock, complementing every outfit from a classy soiree to a fancy cocktail night, then these gems are your best bet.

Celestial Ear Cuff

If you prefer unconventional designs and a little edge to your glamorous looks, then this statement Celestial Ear Cuff will add just the right amount of sparkle to your night. The epitome of contemporary designer jewellery, this ear cuff is embellished with 22k plating and combines spikes and pearls to add some edge to a traditionally dainty piece.

Gavi Spicule Yellow Kaybug Earrings

If you aren’t afraid to go bold with a statement-making look, then these Gavi Spicule Kaybug Earrings will surely make heads turn no matter where you take them. If sparkly stones and precious pearls aren't your cups of tea, then abstract shapes in uplifting colours will do the job. Pair them with an all-white ensemble to really make them pop, or go the maximalist route by pairing them with bold contrasting colours or prints that complement the overall look and vibe of the ensemble.

Drip OH Monogram Earrings With Keshi Pearls

Bring your LBD to life with these eye-catching Drip OH Monogram Earrings, embellished with 22KT gold plating and Keshi Pearls. Pearls pair perfectly with a gold finish and this particular combination comes to life in a playful twist on a classic favourite, the hoop. However, there is nothing dainty about these pearl earrings and they can easily transition from daywear to a glam evening aesthetic.

Shroomhead Hoops In Dual Tone Finish

If sculptural earrings are more your speed, Opt for pieces that are heavy on shape and size, but at the same time, light on embellishments to achieve that statement look while staying true to your style. These Shroomhead Hoops have a dual-toned finish proving that mixing metals is so passe. The 22 KT gunmetal plating with a slight touch of dull gold gives a raw industrial look to the jewellery and is perfect for nights when you want to experiment with your looks.

Drip OH River Rose Shoulder Grazers

Inspired by the ocean, these Drip Oh River Rose Shoulder Grazers are artfully crafted earrings that combine the boldness of gold with the softness of Keshi pearls. To add to that, their shoulder-grazing style really elongates the neck and is a fail-safe way to add some drama to your evening looks.

OH Celeste Nova Fashion Earrings

The statement OH Celeste Nova Earrings can add just the right amount of subtle drama for the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. This structurally unique design is remarkably versatile and will surely up your style quotient this party season.

Noir Tassel Earrings

Ready to catch the spotlight while you’re on the dance floor? These scene-stealing Noir Tassel Earrings have a fringed design that beautifully sways with each step or turn you take. This striking style is ideal for those who want to make their jewellery, specifically earrings, the focal point of their ensemble.

How To Choose The Best Earrings For Your Party Outfit?

In today’s time and age, when we are spoilt for choices and have a variety of options at our disposal, myriad styles and designs in jewellery, choosing the right earrings can be an extremely time-consuming and indecisive chore. However, you can follow these simple tips to narrow down your selection.

  • The first thing to consider is the theme or type of party you will be attending. A cocktail night calls for long danglers, whereas a girl's night out can be the perfect place to rock your newest pair of statement earrings. Rock your studs at the next brunch you attend and spice up your wedding festivities with a statement ear cuff. 
  • Apart from the type of party you are attending, also consider the colour and necklines of your outfit, since they can play a huge role in deciding what works for your style of earrings. 
  • Comfort level also plays a great hand in picking your earrings for the night. Something chunky and heavy might ruin your entire mood and give you discomfort.
  • Another thing you should consider is your hairstyle, if you have big voluminous curls, your studs might get lost in your hair, while dainty dangling earrings look good with a high top knot or pulled-back updo.

Final Thoughts

This guide is just a small digital handbook for the next time you are at a loss when choosing the right pair of earrings for your day/night out. So do not be scared of experimenting on your own and finding something that we missed out on but is the perfect fit for you. Explore on your own and create your unique look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of earrings are best for a party look?

Earrings that complement and most importantly elevate your outfit look best when paired with a party ensemble. Statement hoops and shoulder grazers are perfect if you want to serve bold dramatic looks at any soiree, while studs and ear moulding pieces are great to balance out a bold and exaggerated ensemble.

How do I style hoop earrings for a party look?

Hoop earrings are extremely versatile since they come in a bunch of different sizes, colours and designs. Don’t be afraid of mixing metals if you want to change things up. You can also always go for a monochromatic ensemble and do the opposite by pairing contrasting colours together for a unique approach. Also, consider the size of the hoops and the neckline of your outfit to avoid overdoing it.

How do I match my earrings with my outfit?

A good rule to remember is to consider the necklines and colours of your outfit. A deeper neckline would pair well with longer earrings to fill up the space and complement your décolletage. On the other hand, modest necklines pair well with statement studs or hoops. In terms of colours, you can stick with gold finishes for warmer colour tones, whereas silver finishes would be a complementary approach for cooler tones alternatives. Multi Coloured earrings tend to stand out when the canvas, your ensemble is more subdued.