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Bridal Beauty: The 10 Best Maang Tikkas For Your Wedding Day

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes the pressure of looking your best for your special day. Wedding trends come and go each season, and the same is true for bridal jewellery. It’s time to take things up a notch by upgrading your jewellery arsenal with the accessory that wins hearts the whole year round. 

A traditional bridal headgear, commonly called the Maang Tikka or Matha Patti is worn on the forehead and rests beautifully on your temple. You can rely on the Maang Tikka to instantly amp up any bridal ensemble. Whether a lehenga needs sprucing up or your heritage sarees are calling for a much needed upgrade. Rest assured, your bridal attire will feel incomplete without a striking maang tikka adorning your head. 

Not only is the beloved accessory easy to wear and style, it is also extremely versatile since it pairs well with a number of different ensembles. Moreover, with time, the maang tikka has evolved itself and is now available in various designs and styles for brides to experiment and play around with. 

The Best Bridal Maang Tikkas

Palm Le Grande Maang Tikka

If more-is-more echoes your style, then go big with the Palm Le Grande Maang Tikka. Like the name suggests, this extravagant bauble is a jewellery lover’s absolute dream. Featuring crystals and pearls, this uber chic maang tikka is definitely an elevated revamp of its traditional cousin and would look gorgeous on round faces or anyone with a love for extravagant glam.

Rouge Lumiere Headgear

The Rouge Lumiere Headgear is for those brides who like traditional but with an edge of modern contemporary elegance. Set in 22 Carat rose gold plating, this hairline hugging style draws out the bride’s facial features while also adding some bling to her crown area. This particular style is reigning popular among brides who have contemporary aesthetics and prefer a modern upgrade on traditional jewellery.  

The Faena Mini Maang Tikka

This one is for those appealed by minimalist sensibilities. The Faena Mini Maang Tikka is a fuss free dainty crystal piece for those who want to add the slightest pop of colour to their attire. Leave your tresses open in beautiful beach waves or try a tight bun with slicked-back hair to help accentuate this piece.

Oceana Bijou Passa

The Oceana Bijou Passa is truly a one of a kind couture stunner. This passa, which is nothing but a maang tikka worn on the left side of the forehead, is a fashionable take on the age-old traditional silhouettes and designs. Crafted with the utmost care using Baroque pearls, this piece is truly the epitome of royalty, class and elegance and would pair beautifully with a monochromatic look in neutral colours.

Lophorina Pearl Headharness

 If you want to look like a million bucks on your special day, the Lophorina Pearl Head Harness will ensure you have all eyes on you. Very similar to a one tier maang tikka, this particular piece just has multiple pearl strands cascading to the sides, encasing the bride’s crown in an arresting display of luxurious glamour. Although heavier to carry, this head piece takes its inspiration from a number of faunal elements. This extraordinary opulent and richly inspired precious jewel creates a modern yet timeless style.

Le Palmetto Maang Tikka

Exceedingly dramatic headpieces always get people talking and the Le Palmetto Maang Tikka just does that and more. Oversized statement pieces are in, and the best part is you can always play around with them later as versatile separates. Encrusted with shimmering crystals and natural pearls, this extravagant head gear exudes opulence.

Pearl Liaison Maang Tikka

If you wish to nail the less is more vibe, then a contemporary headgear like the Pearl Liaison Maang Tikka is perfect for you. Additionally if you’re someone who has a smaller face and oversized accessories overwhelm you, then a sleek dainty piece like this one will accentuate the angles in your face and compliment your features.

Le Palm Fish Maang Tikka

Drift away into a tropical abyss with the Le Palm Fish Maang Tikka. This uniquely crafted head piece is a quirky addition to the unconventional bridal trousseau. The playful motif when paired with cubic zircons crystals and 22k gold-plated base, make for an eye-catching accessory for any wedding ensemble.  

Odette Noir Maang Tikka

Stun in Silver with the grandeur of the Odette Noir Maangtikaa. For brides who’d like to be the talk of every room, this sparkling round piece is embellished with shimmering crystals on a 22 carat Gunmetal base for an edgy yet glamorous look.

Le Nerina Maang Tikka

For a look that stands out in any crowd, the Le Nerina Maang Tikka is a versatile accessory that will elevate your bridal looks. Inspired by the divine ties of love, this eye-catching head piece is romantic, feminine and truly one of its kind.

How To Choose The Right Maang Tikka?

A few things to consider while choosing the right maang tikka for you, is to analyse your features, and determine the shape of your face as well as the size of your forehead. A general rule of thumb to follow is to choose bigger styles for round face shapes and dainty pieces for those with petite features or smaller faces. A bigger maang tikka can add proportion and elongate a round or oval face whereas a Passa style maang tikka might complement a square face the best. The Outhouse edit will help you discover the best maang tikkas to flaunt this wedding season.

 Ultimate Guide - How To Choose A Maang Tikka For Your Wedding?

Final Thought

Amp up your bridal wardrobe this wedding season with the maang tikka. The endless interpretations can make it exciting to narrow down on a style that suits you best. Feel free to experiment and play around with the plethora of styles Outhouse has to offer, to make your wedding day truly memorable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of maang tikkas?

There are a plethora of variations in maang tikkas available today. Right from oversized to pendant styles as well as the more traditional Passa, Single tier or Multi- layer styles. The options are truly endless.

How do you wear a maang tikka?

There are a plethora of variations in maang tikkas available today. Right from oversized to pendant styles as well as the more traditional Passa, Single tier or Multi- layer styles. The options are truly endless.