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best evil eye bracelets

The Best Evil Eye Bracelets for Him and Her

The Best Evil Eye Bracelets for Him and Her

Add elegance to your stack with an evil eye bracelet! Known as an essential today, evil eye bracelets are usually dainty and versatile in design, ensuring ease in styling. The bracelets feature eccentric circles in soothing shades of blue that are considered to restrict negative energy towards you. Whether you’re a believer of the myth or not, you can still wear one as an everyday jewel. 

At Outhouse, jewellery is handcrafted expertly to the smallest detail. Discover bracelets or handcuffs, for both men and women that are moulded in metal, have chain straps, vegan leather or satin ones. Offering a variety of designs with the popular talismanic charm, these bracelets carry the House’s couture spirit with a timeless aesthetic. Let's deep dive into finding the best evil eye bracelets for him & her. 

The OH Dopamine Bond Bracelet

Recently launched by the House, the OH Dopamine Bond Bracelets can be customised for the wearer - whether its you or a loved one! The bracelets feature a hand-knotted straps made of satin or vegan leather cords in a vibrant palette of colours. These sturdy, yet adjustable straps hold together an initial charm that is engraved with the House’s OH Dopamine pattern. The crevices of the pattern are inlaid with enamel - the colour of which you can choose! The initial charm comes in 22K finishes of gold and silver, and an evil-eye resembling lapis stone. 

The bracelet is durable for everyday wear for him and her. 

Eye Promise Trinity Bracelets

The Eye Promise Trinity Evil Eye Charm is paired with suede and vegan leather straps. Choose a strap you like as each has a sports-luxe appeal. The metallic segments of the bracelet are plated with 22k gold, ensuring lustre for a long period of time.

Eye Promise Celeste Handcuff

Another unisex style, the handcruff is an edgy one that is plated with gold or gunmetal. It’s the perfect addition to your stack of hand accessories. Its curvilinear silhouette features stars, cresent moons and circular evil eyes. 

Evil Eye Chain Bracelets

One trend amalgamated with another makes a maxi impact. Dainty in design, these bracelets feature a chain strap and evil eye charm in unconventional styles. 

Also discover chain bracelets that can be personalised with your initial. 

Threads of Love

The threads of love are a playful interpretation of the evil eye. The convential marquis shape of the eye is elongated and finished with a moving evil eye inside. This innovative charm is plated with 22k gold or gunmetal and is held together by a variety of versatile straps - beaded, hand-knotted or chain. 


The bracelet is available with encrusted navratna stones too. 

Final Thought

The Evil Eye Bracelet is a fashionable accessory that also represents protection and good luck. Outhouse Jewellery offers an exquisite range of Evil Eye Bracelets that are versatile, crafted with high-quality materials, and suitable for both men and women. The collection allows you to add a stylish touch to your outfit while embracing the positive energy and protection the bracelet symbolizes. Don't wait to elevate your jewellery collection and explore their range of Evil Eye Bracelets today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my evil eye bracelet?

Ensure you store the pair in a soft clotch/safe box after wearing as it will help keep the piece away from dust and moisture. In case you feel the need for cleaning, rub gently with a soft brush and diluted water-soap mixture. 

Why do people believe in the power of the evil eye?

The mystical belief about the evil eye has existed for hundreds of years. The motif of eccentric circes is consiudered as a talisman that reflects back any negative energy that comes your way. In simpler terms, the motif is believed to keep you positive on a daily basis. 

As a trend that has re-emerged with changing fashion cycles, the evil eye motif is seen commonly on jewellery as it’s easy to wear and keep close to your body. Evil eye motifs are seen on necklaces, earrings, rings and most popularly, on bracelets. 

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