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Discover The Best Bridal Necklace For Your Extravagant Wedding

Your wedding day is more than just an event; it's the beginning of a beautiful journey. Every detail, every moment, speaks volumes about your love story. Among these details, the bridal necklace holds a special place. It's not just an accessory; it's a symbol of your unique style and the love you share.

At Outhouse, we understand the significance of this piece, and we bring to you a collection of the best bridal necklaces that will add magic to your extravagant wedding.

Best Bridal Necklaces for Your Extravagant Wedding

Le Palm Fish Pendant Necklace

As the universal call for love unites through the bonds of Outhouse's bridal collection, the Le Palm Fish Pendant Necklace effortlessly steals the spotlight on your special day. This bold necklace, entwined with scintillating stones, creates an ephemeral delicacy. Its expressive silhouette makes it truly one-of-a-kind. Inlaid with cubic zircon, precious carved stones, and natural pearls, this creation gleams in bridal bliss, finely crafted with a smooth edge and the timeless elements of our House.

Le Cleo Dewdrop Multilayer Necklace

Presenting an exquisite allure, the Le Cleo Dewdrop Multilayer Necklace is handcrafted with multiple layers of royal accents. This layered design is punctuated with custom-cut cabochons, crystals, clear cubic zircons, and baroque pearls. What's more, this necklace can be paired with complementing earrings or a statement choker for an extra dash of chicness. This multilayer marvel is the perfect choice to take the glamorous center stage at any occasion with complete regality. Crafted in 22KT rose gold plating, the necklace offers eternal radiance to the wearer.

Lophorina Shell Choker

A large pendant necklace can be the attention seeker in your wedding look! If a minimal cropped top or blouse is a part of your saree or skirt set, this is the perfect find. The featured pendant has an antique appeal amalgamated with modern motifs. The piece is adorned with a handful of pearls, rosy semi-precious stones, and a few Swarovski crystals.

Paradis Necklace

The highly fashionable jeweled composition accented with captivating freshwater pearls forms the simplest yet most sophisticated necklace. It's a weapon of seduction, offering intrinsic luxury and a compositional process of the finest quality. Handcrafted with 22k Rose gold plating, this luxury jewel features distinctive highlights.

Ce Leste Tusk Necklace

The Celeste Tusk Necklace combines couture sensibility with effortless elegance. Delicate freshwater pearls form motifs around the necklace, centered with jade green tusks. This 22 Carat Gold Plated showpiece allows the wearer to layer it or simply use it as the statement maker for an opulent night or day out.

Le Nerina Necklace

Strung across the wedding promises entwined with the House's take on bridal detailing, the Le Nerina Necklace is a complete piece of art. Crafted with cubic zircon, carved stones, pearls & stones, and natural pearls, this necklace is bound to add a special touch to the most unique moments you wish to embrace on your wedding day. This versatile piece offers infinite styling options that can be explored through dynamic contemporary attires, instantly enhanced by the addition of this enchanting creation.

Majesty Necklace

An intrinsic beauty, the Outhouse Majesty Choker has been meticulously crafted by hand. It's decorated with jade-colored carved stones that symbolize a state of balance, freshwater pearls, and a splattering of limited edition luminous crystals set in 22K rose gold plating. Designed as a stylized symbol of modern regality, this luxury jewel can be perfectly paired with the Outhouse Jute Mini Disco Fanny Pack and Envie Mini Studs.

Majesty Necklace

This intricate tassel pendant features a series of freshwater pearls and clear crystals. Its ivory-toned frame structure with 22 Carat Silver Plating speaks of demure and tasteful elegance.

Regina Pearl Collared Choker

A classic fantasy choker with Swarovski crystals and strings of freshwater pearls coming together in neutral tones will put you in a dilemma. This necklet is inspired by natural geometry and an array of elements - a paradox of edgy elegance with 22 Carat Rose Gold Plating.

Lophorina Open Choker

A luxury accessory par excellence, the Lophorina Open Choker is a flamboyant expression of adoration. The architectural design allows the opulent piece to be open into two hinged halves decorated with carefully handpicked luminous crystals. The two birds perched, as heads on the jewel, are representative of the admiration and love of the modern-day Outhouse Bride. Trellis-shaped carvings intensely exotic display tenderness and reflect the soul of Outhouse Jewellery.

Eden's Arbour Velvet Necklace

An unusual symphony of velvet and unconventional design, combined into an exquisitely exuberant necklace, the bold and brilliant Eden's Arbour Velvet Necklace is an appreciation of royalty. The highly stylized work of art creates a sense of glamour. A magnificent tusk-shaped carved stone elevates the most brilliant handcrafted work of luxury.

Le Sunset Palm Necklace

A classic creation, the Le Sunset Palm Necklace is handcrafted intricately with vintage rose Swarovski crystals, clear cubic zircons, and strings of dainty pearls. With elegance at its quintessence, the necklace wraps delicately around one's neck with its jeweled motifs dangling below. The exuberant motif is a playful variation of the House's Royal Palm motif and is an epitome of its couture spirit. Finished in 22KT rose gold, one can effortlessly pair it with its matching earrings to create a complete bridal look.

How to Style Bridal Necklace?

Here are some tips on how to style your bridal necklace for a stunning wedding day look:

  • Consider Your Dress Neckline: The neckline of your wedding dress plays a significant role in choosing the right necklace. For a strapless or sweetheart neckline, a statement necklace or choker can be a captivating choice. V-neck dresses pair beautifully with pendant necklaces, while high necklines may not require a necklace at all, allowing your earrings to shine.
  • Match the Necklace to Your Dress: Ensure that your necklace complements the style and detailing of your wedding dress. If your dress features intricate lace, consider a delicate, understated necklace. For a modern, minimalist gown, a bold and glamorous necklace can add that touch of drama.
  • Consider Your Hairstyle: Your hairstyle can affect how your necklace is displayed. If you're wearing your hair up, it provides the perfect canvas for a statement necklace. With a down hairstyle, opt for shorter or longer necklaces that won't compete with your hair.
  • Layering: Layering necklaces can be a trendy and stylish choice. You can mix and match different lengths and styles to create a unique look. Ensure that the necklaces complement each other and don't overwhelm your overall bridal appearance.
  • Consider the Theme: If your wedding has a particular theme or style, incorporate it into your necklace choice. Vintage-themed weddings may call for antique-style necklaces, while beach weddings may inspire more relaxed, bohemian pieces.
  • Balance with Other Accessories: Take into account other accessories like your veil, headpiece, or tiara. Ensure that your necklace doesn't clash with these elements and that they all work together seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day is a tapestry woven with love and dreams, and each detail contributes to the masterpiece. Our collection of the best bridal necklaces is designed to make you feel like royalty on your special day. Whether you choose a pendant, layered, choker, collar, or long necklace, you're choosing a piece of art that complements your unique style. At Outhouse, we're honored to be part of your journey and help you find the perfect necklace that adds to the magic of your extravagant wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right bridal necklace for my dress?

Consider your dress neckline and style. A V-neck dress pairs well with a pendant necklace, while a strapless gown can be complemented by a choker or statement piece. The necklace should harmonize with your dress rather than overpower it.

What's the ideal necklace length for a wedding necklace?

The ideal length depends on your dress and body type. Princess length (18 inches) is the most versatile, but you can opt for longer or shorter lengths depending on your dress's neckline and your height.

How can I ensure my necklace complements my hairstyle?

Consider your hairstyle when choosing necklace length. For updos or hairstyles that expose the neck, shorter necklaces work well. Longer necklaces can enhance open or loose hairstyles.

Can I wear multiple necklaces on my wedding day?

Layering necklaces can create a stunning effect, but be mindful of balance. Ensure the necklaces complement each other without overwhelming your overall look.