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A Shopping Guide For Enamel Jewellery

A Shopping Guide For The Coolest Enamel Jewellery

A Shopping Guide For The Coolest Enamel Jewellery

Jewellery styles can be hard to pick considering there are so many available. Among all the various categories that exist today, enamel jewellery is making a breakthrough to appear as a popular choice - for all ages. Young, middle-aged and even children are opting for enamel styles, for they are tinted in vibrant tones that instil a sense of happiness. 

Backed by an age where bold is the go-to, enamel jewellery with all its vivid colours and edgy designs is the first preference. We, at Outhouse, helm this fashion trend as our enamel jewellery is created with unconventional design sensibilities. Every glazed enamel piece is a vision of our sophisticated aesthetic, luxurious appeal and quality craftsmanship that helps retain the look of the accessory for years to come. Hence, we call it timeless as they strike the chords between modern and contemporary.

Gavi Earrings

The Gavi range of earrings is a new take on Outhouse’s bold aesthetic. Showcasing a reprise of animal patterns throughout the designs, the earrings are handcrafted with coloured enamel and cubic zircon with 22 KT gold finished intricate detailing on the top. The chic design echoes a maximalist vibe that perfectly accents your day to evening wear looks. For a sharp look, opt for our Spicule earrings, and for a more playful feel, the Bloom earrings could be perfect. 

Kidult Ring

Trendy and easy to wear, the Kitten Kidult Ring in sparks of audacious colours is a new twist to the silhouette of classic ring designs. Adding a playful personality to your outfit, the rings are inspired by the cat shape and brought to life in coloured enamel encircled by gold-finished pave in a stone setting. The pairs present an exciting mix of essentials in a fashion-forward accessory.

Drip OH Earrings

An iconic reinterpretation of the House’s monogram, the Drip OH dual-tone earrings embrace an artistic aesthetic by featuring a dripping accent in their design. An exquisite and timeless creation, the earring is handcrafted in a tonal enamel finish that elegantly adorns the ear. The iconic silhouette is the ideal way to add a touch of radiance to your everyday looks with the House’s initials taking the centre stage.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Reminiscent of global culture, these bracelets are elegantly crafted with an enamelled evil eye in the center. Some bracelets feature charms too - like celestial stars, the crescent moon, initials - and dainty chains. These keepsake-worthy hand adornments can be a part of your everyday as they’re believed to keep the negative energy away!

Papillo Button Earrings

Displaying the house’s free-spiritedness are these crystal embellished butterflies that are featured on our Papillo Button Earrings. Taking the form of stud earrings, this enamelled pair can be your ideal elegant accompaniment this season. Pastel shades of tonal enamelled are handpainted on the 22K gold plated metal surface, bringing a lustrous finish to the accessory. 

Enamel jewellery like these is topping our list of holiday essentials or the season’s favourites! Shop the handcrafted selection online or in Outhouse stores

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