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Joyful Raksha Bandhan Gifts Every Sibling Will Love!

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with gifts that reflect the timelessness of the bond you share with your sibling. To let your thoughtful gift symbolize love, consider jewellery handcrafted with exquisite materials and motifs. Expressing your affection will be easier than ever as we introduce you to our custom curation, for him and her!


Everyday Pendants

There's nothing quite like the dainty pendants to make a woman's heart skip a beat. A finely crafted necklace is a classic choice that she can wear on special occasions and treasure forever.

Drop Earrings

Pearls exude sophistication and grace. They're timeless and ideal for both, formal and casual wear. Alternatively browse our new personalised pair, the initials of which are detachable!

Charms Bracelets

Charms have a playful appeal, and a bracelet adorned with multiple custom charms can be a stunning addition to her jewelry collection. Each charm carries its own symbolism, making the gift even more meaningful. You can personalize it with her initial too!

Chic Bags

She's sure to love our iconic nano bags. Designed in fourteen vibrant colours, the bag exudes a sports-luxe vibe. Select her favorite colour and watch her face illuminate with joy when she unboxes it.


Classic Cufflinks

Cufflinks add a touch of refinement to a man's attire. Opt for a pair of cufflinks made from fine materials like gold or gunmetal, and enamelled with meaningful symbols.

Chic Bags

Men's bracelets are designed vibrantly for Raksha Bandhan. Select a sleek and sophisticated bracelet that suits his style, whether it's a metallic cuff or a hand-knotted design.


Edgy Pendants

An edgy pendant is a trending must-have. Choose one from our geometric designs that are finished in either gold, silver or gunmetal. They display our intricate craftsmanship.