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Wrap Her Wrist With Love: Best Bracelets For Your Girlfriend

Gift giving is the universal language of love. If you’re trying to figure out how to spoil your girlfriend with gifts that will let her know how truly appreciated and valued she is, then look no further, you’re at the right place. 

Everyone loves to be appreciated, and your partner is that one special person in your life that you’d like to celebrate ever so often, as a reminder of how much they mean to you. However, the act of gift giving can be a stressful task because apart from keeping her likes and dislikes in mind, you also need to consider the occasion as well as her personality,  style and aesthetics. Since each gift immortalises its memory in the course of your relationship, there can be a lot riding on choosing the right one that will capture the perfect moment for your partner.

A no-brainer that is sure to delight her, is jewellery. Women love pieces that speak to their personal style and enhance their beauty. Bracelets in particular can be a timeless trinket that will always be a beautiful reminder of the special love you share. Jewellery gifted by a partner is memorable regardless, and a bracelet is the perfect adornment for her to look down at and rejoice in the simple pleasures of your lives together. Read on to find out our top picks for bracelets that your girlfriend will fondly cherish for a lifetime.

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The Best Bracelets For Your Girlfriend

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets, as the name suggests, are open-link chains attached with small dainty charms. They are a personal statement piece and add a touch of sentimental value to any outfit. Selecting the ideal charm for your loved one can be fairly easy since they are often universal, hence your selections are rarely constrained. 

This Universe Of Charms Bracelet can be personalised with your girlfriend’s initials, making it a piece she will truly cherish forever. The fine detailing on the chars is an added bonus and makes for a thoughtful detail that will not be missed by her. This charm bracelet is ideal for office wear since it allows you to accessorise without running the risk of looking unprofessional or going overboard.

Bangle Bracelets

If you haven’t tried the popular jewellery trend of mixing metals yet, then this Shroomhead Bangle is one of the best ways to do it. A two toned, dual finish piece with a 22 Carat gunmetal and gold finish is sure to turn heads and will certainly warm your partner’s heart. She can pair it with an all white ensemble or show it off with a classic LBD on a date night out. The Bangle bracelet is bound to be a versatile accessory and a unique addition to your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

Personalised Bracelets

Apart from how stunning they look, personalised jewellery will always hold a strong emotional connection. The Infini Thread Of Protego Bracelet is the perfect gift to celebrate your girlfriend.  Not only is it an excellent conversation starter, they are also available in multiple eye-catching colours and can be embellished with customisable initials so her wrist can tell its own story. An emotional purchase like this will be fondly treasured forever and she deserves to wear a piece that signifies how much she means to you. These bracelets are also unisex. Wear your heart on your sleeve and sport a personalised piece with the initials of your significant other to make it more memorable.

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Chain Bracelets

If your girlfriend likes things which are minimally designed, this is the one for her. A classic gold piece has its own charm and allure since it goes with almost every attire. The Eye Promise Trinity Chain Bracelet is perfect for a daily wear dainty piece that is beautiful just by itself but also looks stunning when paired with other accessories. Since stacking bracelets is a popular trend these days, your girlfriend would surely appreciate a versatile contemporary staple like this piece.


Cuff Bracelets

The trend for eye-catching statement jewellery is all the rage this year and this bracelet is as modern as it is romantic. Cuff bracelets are often crafted in a semi-closed bangle style, which gives you the freedom of adjusting the size without any hassle. The Drip Oh Palescent Handcuff Bracelet is as bold and unapologetic as your love for her. An amalgamation of semi precious stones like pearls, lapis and machalite will certainly warm her heart. Striking colour combinations and special adornments will make it the star of any party or spice up a power suit in the boardroom as well.

Leather Bracelets

Leather accessories are currently having their moment, and what better way of incorporating an unconventional jewellery choice, than by sporting a sleek leather bracelet that is both timeless and classy. A beautiful addition to her everyday jewels, the O.H. V Leather Bracelet is a thoughtful gift that can help round off any office look effortlessly. Although available in multiple different colour options, a neutral palette like this is perfect to mix it up since it’ll seamlessly complement every attire, regardless of the occasion. Uniquely handcrafted to mark your love, this particular accessory is encrusted with the statement monogram and serves as a thoughtful reminder of your appreciation for her.

Final Thought

Here at Outhouse, we have a thoughtfully curated collection of wristwear accessories in different styles, shapes, colours and sizes. The possibilities are truly endless. We pride ourselves on offering you a variety of options in premium quality, because you deserve nothing but the best to celebrate your partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a bracelet that fits my girlfriend's personality and style?

The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping for a bracelet is to keep your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes in mind. If she prefers minimalistic styles, then a personalised charm bracelet will win her heart. On the other hand, if she has a bold personality that reflects onto her wardrobe then reach out for a statement cuff or a leather bracelet that will truly resonate with her. 

What are the best types of bracelets to give as gifts for girlfriends?

The best types of bracelets for gifting are those that match your girlfriend’s personal style and aesthetic preferences. Everyone loves personalised gifts, therefore a charm bracelet with her or your initials will surely mean a lot to her due to its sentimental value.