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 When it comes to our founder Kaabia Grewal, sometimes even perfection doesn't cut it. So for her wedding, it was almost impossible to find the ideal location and theme. After sifting through endless properties, locales and spaces, one thing was clear—the property had to speak to her. It had to have a feel like nothing one had seen before. 

Whimsical and magical were the keywords she was looking at and beaches are her weakness. So when she came across the legendary Bill Bensley's JW Mariott on Emerald Bay, Phu Quoc in Vietnam, it was almost a no brainer. The artsy hotel caters to the creme de la creme and features some of the funkiest art, mysterious corners and exudes an eclectic feel. The name itself, Emerald Bay almost seemed like a sign to make the choice. 

"I wanted it to be unexpected, brilliant and most of all for everyone to have fun including me! I feel brides often forget to enjoy their own wedding and that was something I really wanted to avoid" 


What a special location it was, only possible to reach via a private plane, the couple had chartered flights from Mumbai and New Delhi for their closest family and friends to get there. They were welcomed with crazy pomp and show.

The fine artists from Verona, Italy called Nu'Art were flown in specially for the celebrations. To blend into the quirky vibe of the hotel, they put on an act of surreal brilliance.

Extravagant costumes, fun instruments, dreamy props all came together to truly welcome everyone with a (KA)Bang!

Instead of the quintessential flower garlands, each guest was given a medal which was emblazoned with the couple's logo and hashtag.

The hotel was actually built on a college campus so this was the perfect way to welcome everyone and make them feel like 'you've made it!'

The guests were then checked in, each suite personalised to their needs and requirements with the very special welcome kit that included delectable treats that would help them combat the next few days. They were then ushered to a gala brunch, much needed after the long journey. Post lunch, everyone had complete access to the property that was booked out exclusively for the wedding. Most guests took the opportunity to laze by the beach and relax at the spa and get rest before the big and crazy Mad Mansion Party (read our next blog for details on that!).

The couple took the opportunity to blend into their surroundings and photograph their pre-wedding shoot in pristine whites complimented with exotic Outhouse Jewellery.

Next up, the Mad Mansion Party.

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