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earrings for oval face shape

Versatile Earrings for Women with An Oval Face

Versatile Earrings for Women with An Oval Face

The women with oval faces have a wide trove of jewels that will enhance their face shape. Labeled as the most common face shape, the oval type is safe to style. It easily pairs with a variety of earring types, beginning from hoops to danglers and studs to maxi ones. 

With this broad information, we recommend you to have at least one earring of each type and at the same time ensure that the piece is versatile. A versatile accessory is classified as one that is able to adapt to many situations or occasions. For example, unconventional hoops can be worn at a casual or formal event and are a timeless piece to invest in. Similarly, we bring to you a selection you’d love at a first look. 

Earrings That Perfectly Suits On Oval Face

Drip OH Palscent Earrings

New this season, yet so classic. The Drip OH Palscent Earrings are inlaid with a large pearl in natural white. It displays a chic aesthetic and proves to be your go-to pair. Style it for a brunch or cocktail party as it’s quintessentially versatile. 

Drip OH Midi Earrings

The Drip OH Midi Earrings are sure to add a pop of colour to any outfit you don. Available in dual-tone bubblegum pink and acid green (as seen above), the pair is a compact one that echoes the bold Outhouse energy.

OH Poppi Spring Hoop Earrings

Chunky and experimental, the OH Poppi Spring Hoops take inspiration from industrial hardware. The aesthetic is injected with Outhouse concepts and features gold bolts engraved with the dainty OH Poppi monogram. 

Myriad Twisted Hoop Earrings

Hoops in layers? Yes, that’s right. The Myriad Twisted Hoops are crafted with eccentric hoops that feature a melange of textures. The design is finished with an organic pearl that simultaneously brings a touch of softness. 

Personalised Earrings

It’s the age of personalisation and you can now flaunt your initial with your earring. The featured pair dangles with celestial casts such as crescents and stars, and astrological elements such as pearls and the evil eye. The two ear pieces are of different lengths, serving a style statement. 

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