The O.H Monogram

Transforming the ‘OH’ initials into signature jewels, the O.H Monogram series is representative of the Outhouse way of life- immortal splendour and classic elements.

The Monogram collection adds classic touches in modern interpretation: a feisty spin on the archetypal ear hoops, embossed leather handcuffs and a series of textured curb links, on 22K Rose gold plating. The range belongs to the repertoire of jewellery worn by the multigenerational modern woman

Designed and constructed at the atelier, the “OH” monogram and archival stamped jewels are all linked to modern-day forms. Hues of gold that hold a deep authenticity can be found in asymmetrical intersecting rings and ear adornments that radiate gleaming rays of brilliance. Pendants illuminated with “Outhouse”, each movement-taking place in an intricate choreography and a palette of blistering gold iconism, the collection perfectly captures the relationship between Outhouse and its artists.

A pursuit of subtle variety- the echo, the movements and the resonance all with the quintessential Outhouse ease.