A symbolic O.H V collection carries with it the spirit of Outhouse, an emblem of contemporary classics. Symbolic motifs architect the five-year journey of Outhouse into delicately powerful signature everyday jewels. classic elements.

O.H V tells a versatile story and captures jewels as works of art. Each piece brilliantly finished with engravings of the five symbolic emblems of the house- the geometrical stallion head- a symbol of strength and freedom, the charcoal grey limited edition Kaput crystal designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski, the Imago Butterflies- a representation of metamorphosis and evolution, the majestic flutter rings and the onyx dragonfly.

A creation of modernity and fluidity, the signature collection shines luxuriously and translates structure and form so intricate into highly feminine and exceptional daytime jewels- an assortment of linked chokers, emblazoned earrings, masterfully crafted wrist cuffs and playful pendants.

The jewels stem from a deep reverence for crafting techniques from around the world. A vision of classic modernity and convention-defying brilliance with artful handcrafting techniques- meet the O.H V classics.